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Isle for a quiet holiday experience just a short flight from Australia and New Zealand. It wasn't booked, it was part of a package deal. The Ultimate Cruising New Zealand. From NZD. Travel the South Island of New Zealand with a NZ holiday package.

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Accommodation Norfolkinsel for New Zealanders

From Auckland International Airport on Sunday mornings, you will find yourself in a tranquil sub-tropical heaven after only 1.5 hours with Air New Zealand. It is generally warmer than New Zealand, but without the hottest excesses of Australia and other Pacific islands. At Norfolk Island we are so much more secure than most other resorts.

Angling is amazing - even New Zealand professionals will be amazed - you will always return to the coast with a reward. Flights from New Zealand to Norfolk Island are less expensive than flights to Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast. Please feel free to get in touch with us or your New Zealand agency to get your best price.

When you have a great vacation and can still make savings to buy something really something really unique for someone really out there? We' re looking after someone very unique for us - YOU!

AK-Norfolk Island Services terminated by Air NZ - Norfolk Island Forum

For many, many years AirNZ has been travelling to Norfolk and until a few years ago twice a Week from Auckland. In fact, they did fly when the Australian carriers serving Norfolk bite the dust or when the aircraft of various carriers were either too old or their drivers too unskilled to fly on Norfolk in inclement weathers.

OZ will be sorry, I know, because he has been fighting for so long for a new government on Norfolk and should now support the new regim. Hello nzlibet, as you know, it was far from my cuppa. Today had an e-mail from a proverb that AirNZ has been operating from Auckland to Norfolk for more than 70 years!

This concerns not only the tourist but also the many Norfolk islanders who are or still have a home here. Yeah, I ran into a lot of Kiwis there who are living on NI and whose children go to university in New Zealand - so house calls will make for much longer flight times (I would also be willing to advise more expensive).

The AirNZ doesn't impress at all, but there is another carrier being talked about; Nauru carriers that pick up the flight, so not everything is over. That must be terrible for New Zealanders on the island and on the continent. Obviously, I already know of at least one travel agency considering taking Norfolk off their itineraries, and I estimate that there will be many others who will do the same.

That'?s Norfolk's wastage. Wondering if the new government (NSW government) has put downward caution on AirNZ to make sure travellers travel through Australian airports. Yes, it will certainly concern the NZers and visitors on the island. It is not only the increase in air fares that will have an impact on the number of visitors, although this is certainly a number.

It is also the discomfort of having a much longer transfer in Sydney or Brisbane and then fly back to New Zealand almost halfway. Being one who has taken a number of groups to Norfolk in the past, I would certainly think twice about re-travel.

I' m very sorry for the companies on Norfolk that depend on trips that we did earlier because they will be suffering from it.

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