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U.S. President Donald Trump called the Governor of Guam on Friday to assure him that his island was safe. The President of the North American Division issues a statement on Guam, calling for prayer. The President declares disaster for Guam.

Advised by the President of the Guam Korean Association: The people of Guam elect the US president every four years.

President Ultimate Jury members belong to "controversial figure".

Guam Univeristy on Tuesday unveiled the shortlist for President of the UC, among them a nominee who retired from his former position at the UC after only 14 month. Retiring on 30 June, the three retiring candidates are Hamid Shirvani, Thomas W. Krise and Bruce T. Murphy. Mr Shirvani stepped down last year as president of a small privately owned college in Iowa after just over a year in office.

Previously he had stepped down as registrar of a state higher education system after only eleven short weeks, and there were rumours that the state legislature had demanded his retirement. Seeking chair William Leon Guerrero said the finals will be inviting later next April to campuses to meet fellow college graduates, teachers, Underwood, the Board of Regents and others.

Once the visit has taken place, the Executive Committee makes an appointment to the nominee of its choosing. In July 2017, Mr. Schirvani stepped down as President of Briar Cliff in Sioux City, Iowa, a privately owned art school with a 1,700 enrolment. He' been president of this school for 14 month.

Sioux City Journal described Shirvani as "a disputed character who, as a two decade collegiate administrative, has received both accolades and criticisms for his leadership styles. "The North Dakota State Board of Higher Education in June 2013 approved Shirvani's resignation from the office of Registrar of the North Dakota University System after only 11 month, according to a Turlock City News statement.

He told that the committee explained that Shirvani relied on good expressions, but that North Dakota legislators had previously demanded his resignation and cited dubious conduct and suspicion. "Chancelor Shirvani felt he had achieved as much as he could and asked us to free him so he could continue," President Duaine Espegard of the North Dakota State Council was cited.

Before serving in North Dakota, he was President of California State Stanislaus where the Academic Senate passed an overwhelming majority of votes of no faith against Shirvani in 2009. Turlock City News reports that it was the first in the 50-year long story of the city' s universities that a motion of no trust was passed.

One of Shirvani's former assistants in Cal State Stanislaus was awarded a $10,000 compromise and six-month vacation pay to resolve a quarrel with Shirvani, Modesto Bee said in June 2008. According to the paper, Melissa Borrelli, who had worked for Shirvani for about 18 month, had lodged a complaint in connection with "events that took place in the week before and at a Borrelli dinner with Dr. Shirvani on May 30, 2007".

" There were no specifics and Shirvani and the campus did not accept any responsibility, the paper said. that Shirvani could not be contacted for comments. Searches for the next UOG President began in March, when the team received 60 candidates by 27 April, which was reduced to nine semi-finalists at the beginning of May.

Following detailed interviewing, the quest was extended to three shortlisted candidates to become the next president. "These finaliters are of extreme calibre. We' re thrilled with what they all have to potentially provide for the further development and expansion of the university. Once we have met all the finals personally, the (board) can decide who is best suited for the campus," says Leon Guerrero.

Mr. Shirvani has worked in higher learning for 39 years, 28 of which in managerial positions. MURPY was a teacher of pedagogical guidance at Nicholls StateUs. During his tenure, the college obtained local recognition and opened a $12 million food and beverage facility and created the first US Department of Commerce sanctioned autistic student development school.

In addition, he was a Senior Military Fellow of the Institute for National Strategic Studies in Washington and Deputy Principal of the National Defense University Press at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. A Fulbright fellow at the University of West Indies in Jamaica, he has written a number of papers and other works on English and Caribbean literatures.

Crisis is currently an English teacher at Pacific LutheranUs. In May 2017 his term as President of the College ended and he remained at the College to hold the post of President Retired. Since 2012 he was President of the Faculty. News Tribune reports that the PLU executive committee is ready to give the crisis an opportunity to extend the contracts, but has placed him in a chair by common accord.

He was asked by the Executive Committee to remain as temporary president until 30 June or after completion of the presidency quest.

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