Coral Coast Fiji Weather August

Fiji Coral Coast Weather August

When you can't stand this kind of weather, remember to come to Fiji in April-August. It was very windy and cloudy and we spent five days down at the coral coast. So what to do on the coral coast; Fiji: According to our research, August is one of the best times to visit Fiji in terms of weather. We would like to visit Fiji, but we can only go in August.

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We had seen this, but had listened to the fact that it was actually a little colder and were interested in people's experience of this season.

Usually between 24 and 28 it can be a bit chilly in the evenings a wrapping is then a good notion. Even the oceans are colder, but never colder. This is a very enjoyable period for a visitor, especially if you don't feel like it. Thank you it'?s nice. This is how it seems possible to enjoy spending a great deal of our leisurely hours in the sea.

I was there in July last year, and although the weather was nice, I didn't want to go there again this year. We' d been before in September and April and spend hrs and hrs in the swimming pools and oceans, but the weather in July was just so cold that half an hr in the water was enough for me and the swimming pools were chill.

There were rains for whole nights, while on the other public holiday we only had about half an hours of rain - not sure if it was just pitch or not. When you only have July or August to chose from, I would suggest as later as possible in August, we were in July (but mostly in Yasawas.

The weather was great. Definitely hot enough for us - couldn't stay in the hot outdoors. But then one of these days we spend four hour swim and snorkel in the sea - it was definitely not freezing. They can be very different from the coral coast. The same voyage I was talking about, we were on Mana Island for a whole weekend and the weather was much hotter and sunny than on the Coral Coast.

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