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Fiji consists of over three hundred islands in the South Pacific, around a third of which are inhabited. Wellcome to Fiji; Fiji in the Commonwealth; facts and figures. The Facts - Sports - Athletes - Results - Games.

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Unbelievable facts you may not know about Fiji

It is well known for its unbelievable clear waters, sandy whitewater and insularity. But the small archipelago in the South Pacific is more than just an insular haven with a wealth of living histories and a pleasant, relaxing aura. Concealed treasure is everywhere in the shape of small eateries, inviting homes and privately owned islets, but to get a good sense of what awaits you, here are four important facts you may not yet know about Fiji.

The Fiji region lies in the South Pacific and is directly captured on the world' s date line. It' actually an ingenious adventure, because one of the isles, Taveuni, is divided into two halves by this illusion. Thus, you can journey to the mainland and have a foothold in the present and one in the past, providing for some great photographic possibilities and an unforgettable one.

Many of the sceneries have got bogged down in the past, many of them look the same as before. Unaffected by man, many of these archipelagos are contributing to Fiji's unbelievable ecosystems, but it is not just the scenery that is in perfect condition.

The Colonial Fiji Discovery Cruise of Captain Cook, which stop in Tavenui and cross the border of dates and the harbour city of Levuka, is worth a look if you want to see these astonishing places. It is also home to one of the best conserved civilizations in the underworld.

Much of Fiji is about the fellowship and villages of the people. When you dare to visit some of the remote isles, and are randomly welcomed into a town, be as considerate as possible. Although the archipelago was initially colonized by the Dutch and British, it is also home to many other nationalities.

37 % of the Fiji people have some kind of Hindu legacy due to the high number of laborers brought into the land by the British. Today, India-Fiji has developed into a large part of the welcoming, one-of-a-kind Fiji people, who bring the best of both worlds.

As an example, tasty Fiji curry, which uses the island's own organic products, has become very much appreciated by local people and people. It is also home to a rising number of multinational groups. Western-style people like the Brits, Australians and New Zealanders are also a burgeoning part of the Fiji people as they want to live the lifestyle of the state.

The Fiji archipelago consists of islets formed by old volcano bursts a million years ago. You may not know that there are 332 islets, with even more of them. Only 33% (111) of these archipelagoes are still populated, which offers many possibilities for your personal holidaymaking.

The speed of entry into Fiji has also changed considerably. If you were living in such a tranquil and breathtaking land as Fiji, would you hurry?

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