Waiheke Island near Auckland

Auckland' s Waiheke Island

Learn more about Waiheke Island The Waiheke Island is one of the most attractive island in the whole wide globe. Only 40 min by boat from the centre of Auckland, Waiheke is often described as the gem of Hauraki Gulf. It is a uniquely diverse landscape, from rugged coves and golden sand to bushy hill country and gentle vines.

The island is also full of a long story, a fantastic variety of local communities and art scenes and beautiful handcrafts. The most frequent Waiheke Island services are offered by boat from the city centre of Auckland (partly via Devonport) to Matiatia, Waiheke. The island is also served by a public transport system that takes travellers to any of the island's major highways.

Seelink-operated auto and commercial cruises to Waiheke Island from Half Moon Bay and from/to Auckland Town. Convenient ferryboats provide the comfort of up and down sailing all year round. The most departures start in Half Moon Bay, but also provide a Friday evening and weekend departures from Wynyard Wharf.

The 360 Discovery offers ferries to the Orapiu shipyard on Waiheke Island from Downtown Auckland and on to Coromandel. There is a boat that leaves from Pier 4 and arrives in Orapiu at the west end of the island of Waiheke. The Orapiu Warf has no buses or taxis. You will be travelling between Waiheke and Auckland Airport, Great Barrier and North Shore.

Her sightseeing tours take place around Waiheke, Auckland CBD and the Coromandel. Five beautiful sandy stretches of coastline on the northern side of the island - Oneroa, Little Oneroa, Sandy Bay, Palm Bay and Onetangi Strand. Surfdale, Blackpool and Rocky Bay are the most southerly of the island, and the shell-covered in Whakanewha Regional Park is the ideal place for kayaking and also where the campsite is at.

This island is 19. Five kilometres of which 40 kilometres are on the beach. Auckland has a slightly warm weather with less moisture and less sun. Accessible to the general population, they provide both an overview of the scope of defense preparation and marvellous vistas of the south end of the Hauraki Gulf.

The Maori found and populated Waiheke about 1000 years ago and many traces of the Maori invasion are still present on the island of Waiheke. Archeological places are spread all over the island, among them more than forty Pa places, culinary mines and terraces. More than 20 vineyards are located on the island, and during the summers most of them have opened their cellars to the people.

Most of the vineyards can be visited on an organized trip, self-drive trip or with one of the city' s coaches. More than 8 signposted trails pass through Waiheke with trails that are ideal both for a very good fitting and for walkers: paradises (Putangitangi) are all around the island of Goodwits (kuaka), which are sometimes also seen on the Wadden Sea, while on the southern side of the island there is a large wetlands area with Eurasian Bitterns (matuku), Ribbon line (mohopereru) and stainless Krake (puweto).

The Waiheke Island watches over its opossum-free state.

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