Islands around Auckland

Auckland Islands

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Auckland Islands Cuttlefish Interaction Management Commission MPI - Consulting Services

MPI is seeking to gather information from the general community about the conditions under which octopus fishing is managed around the Auckland Islands in order to control interaction with New Zealand sealions. Situated almost 500 km southwest of Southern Island, the islands are home to New Zealand's biggest nesting population of New Zealand sealions, which are considered to be a critically endangered species, says MPI Executive Vice President Dave Turner.

"SQU6T ( "Southern octopus fisheries ") overlap with the search for food of sealions breeding on the Auckland Islands, which can result in the unintentional catching of sealions in gears. "The importance of octopus fisheries - which employed several hundred New Zealanders and generated $68 million in exports last year - must be reconciled with the need to preserve these important New Zealand cetaceans.

"More than 80% of the ships that have been with governments over the last 3 years monitor the MPI. That will help us to get good information on how fisheries work. "It is important to know that fisheries are only one of many dangers faced by sealions.

We' ve got to look at all the dangers and do what's right for the sealions. MPI and DOC (Department of Conservation) are therefore realizing the New Zealand sealions /r?poka Thailand Coastal Cover. "It is great to see that the death of sealions has decreased in the last ten years since all octopus trawlers have installed certified sealion elimination gears (SLEDs) in their cages.

I would like to urge all those interested in New Zealand sealions and this fishing to take a look at the suggestions and give us their opinion."

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