Locate Makakilo, HI Condos & Terraced houses for sale at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. Macakilo is a quarter of Kapolei. Makakilo means "watching eyes" in Hawaiian. For sale. For rent.

Macakilo-Lower, Makakilo-Upper and Nanakai Gardens. The Makakilo houses an extraordinary selection of houses, which are characterised by first-class equipment in first-class communities.

Which accomodation is available near Makakilo?

Which accomodation is available near Makakilo? HomeAway is the best place to spend a long vacation or a week-end near Makakilo. Which is the best area to travel to Makakilo? Which are the most favourite sights to be close to when traveling to Makakilo?

Of HomeAway travelers are the most favorite attractions in the area: There are many other sights around Makakilo on HomeAway where you can find your accommodation. Use our research toolbar to find the apartments near the location you are looking for.

Included in our other beloved kinds of Makakilo vacation rentals: Use our research toolbar to select the apartments available. Makakilo City's beautiful beach and other open spaces provide an enticing environment. In Makakilo City for the first getaway and looking for sights?

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Makakilo, which means "observing eyes", lies at the foot of the Waianae Mountains directly above Kapolei. The Makakilo Upper is a peaceful neighbourhood consisting of two parts, Makakilo Upper with newer houses and significantly higher hills, making it colder and airier, and Makakilo Lower, which provides older, custom-built houses, bigger plots and no service charges, as the houses are not part of a scheduled group.

Macakilo Houses and Terraced Houses for sale/disposal Makakilo Hawaii

Situated on a promontory with a view of Ewa and Kapolei, this is a great area for those who appreciate not being in town. Makakilo means "observing eyes" in Hispanic and refers to the view from the slope of Makakilo. Makakilo Gated Community!! Makakilo Gated Community!! Accessible & nice house in excellent location!

More recent house in the Gated Community in Kapolei, Seasc..... New house in the gated community in Kapolei, lake landscape near Makakilo. Neestled In The Hills Of Makakilo, This Home Is .... Embedded in the hills of Makakilo, this house is situated behind the gates of Makakilo. .... Return home to your haven in this well-preserved neighbourhood in Upper Makakilo!

Totally home sweet home. Totally home sweet home. Nice location, quiet and airy in the Coo..... Nice location, quiet and airy in the cool upper Makakilo area. {\fad (500,500)}Wonderful Start Home On The Top Of Makakilo! ..... Season ed Gustav Mahler: Awesome! Magnificent layout for multi-generation family life..... A great layout for multi-generational family homes or investors.

A great home with nice sights of Diamond Head..... Greater Home With Beautiful View of Diamond Head And The Ocean. Jobs are available in Kapolei, the near army base and in the city centre of Honolulu. Several of Makakilo's terraced houses are: Leave at junction 2 (Kapolei, Makakilo, Kalaeloa) and keep right. Turn right at the crossroads and drive up Makakilo Drive.

Across the highway, the street becomes Makakilo Drive. Among the government colleges that serve Makakilo are: Situated in the rolling countryside of the lovely Makakilo with a view of Kalaeloa, Wai Kalo'i in Makakilo is a scenic village of detached houses. Nicknamed after an old source that breathed fresh air into the hill, Wai Kalo'i, the" rich water", honours the region's most valuable nature resources.

A three-storey house that offers the opportunity for the lively members of the community to meet in its large room with adjacent cooking facilities â?" a golden opportunity to enjoy conversations and fellowship after a strenuous outing. The lânai is the under roof place to keep your loved ones entertained. There are two extra bed rooms and an extra bathroom for the whole group.

Wonderfully decorated interiors are furnished with mid-tone wooden furniture from forests of Makakilo, giving a cultivated feeling over the chilly peaks of Makakilo with breathtaking Pacific Ocean-view. Wai Kalo'i in Makakilo is the symbol of our living, a popular meeting place for the family.

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