How to get to Oahu

Getting to Oahu

The Honolulu International Airport (HNL) on Oahu is Hawaii's largest airport and serves as the entry point for most visitors to Hawaii. Oahu is served by all major domestic airlines and many international airlines, so you can travel from almost anywhere. This is a quick guide through Oahu for tourists. You can use this guide to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of travelling on the island. Getting to and from the airport and using public transport such as buses and taxis.

Arrival to Oahu

The Honolulu Internacional ( "HNL") on Oahu is Hawaii's largest airfield and serves as a gateway for most people. Oahu is served by all the big national airlines and many foreign airlines, so you can travel from almost anywhere. In Oahu, it'?s simple to find accommodation. Here you will find everything from hotel, luxurious resort, boutique, rental and B&B.

Away from Waikiki you will find a luxurious holiday destination in Eastern Honolulu (The Kahala Hotel & Resort), one on the North Shore (Turtle Bay Resort) and one on the Leeward Coast in the Ko Olina Estate area (J.W. Marriott Ihilani and Spa and Aulani, A Disney and Spa ), as well as holiday homes and condominiums all over the Isle.

Every season is a good season to go to Oahu. Generally it is dryer on the west (lee) side and moister on the east (windward) side. From Oahu, you can travel by hire a vehicle, shuttles, taxis or local transport. However, to really get the most out of Oahu, you should consider booking a hire from Honolulu International Airport.

While the itineraries and locations are not as comprehensive as TheBus, the cart goes to most important touristic sites and offers travel for an indefinite number of people. Taxis can be found in most large commercial centres, in the commercial area and at the airports. Please be aware that in Hawaii it is common to find cabstands in large retail centres and shops and request pick-ups by telephone or courier instead of call a taxicab.

The Oahu Frequently Asked Questions

Where' s the primary airfield on Oahu? Honolulu International is HNL, the principal international airfield. The HNL is also Hawaii's largest international airfield and serves as the gateway for most people. Will I need a ride to get to Oahu? When you plan to remain in Waikiki, you can travel by train, coach, taxi or Hawaii's award-winning transport system.

However, to really get to Oahu outside Waikiki, you should rent a vehicle at Honolulu International Airport. Which are the main accommodations on Oahu? Waikiki is home to most of the country's residential areas and properties. There is also a luxurious spa in Eastern Honolulu (The Kahala Hotel & Resort), one on the North Shore (Turtle Bay Resort) and one on the Leeward Coast in the Ko Olina Spa area (Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa).

Where are Waikiki and Oahu's rides? When' s a good day to see Oahu? Every period is a good period to see Oahu. Summers, between April and November, are warm and dry, while winters, between December and March, are slightly cool. Winters are big waves surfing seasons at Oahu's North Shore, with big contests in November and December.

Cetacean observation starts in December and ends in May, with top seasonal peaks between January and early April. How is the timeframe different from the USA? The Hawaiian calendar follows the default hawaii flight schedule (GMT-10 hours), which is five in Eastern and two in Pacific. Daylight savings is not observed in the Hawaiian calendar, so the gap is extended by one additional daylight savings rate per day during this timeframe (March to November).

Will I need my pass to get to Oahu? As Hawaii is the fiftieth state, you do not need to carry your pass unless you come from outside the United States or travel to another state. So what should I take with me on my journey to Oahu? If you want to experience the night life of Oahu, please take along cool clothing or resortwarm.

Do you have a mobile telephone and broadband on Oahu? Dialing the country of Hawaii is (808). So what are the Oahu highpoints? Waikiki: It is a national historical landmark with five historical places commemorating the 7 December 1941 war. The North Shore: A foretaste of the Hawaii Regional Cuisine from Oahu's celebs.

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