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Zyklon Hola in New Caledonia The east of New Caledonia seems to have been unaffected by the Hola clou. It is still a third class but is slowing down and should happen near the Loyalty Isles but be pursued further north. LIFOU lsland's Morgan Rigourd said that although the winds and rains were heavy over night, little harm seems to have been done.

Also, the territorial guard and the Red Cross said the damages were minor. On Saturday afternoons, the Curfew on Lifou and the neighbouring Isle of Mare should be lifted. 2.

of New Caledonia: Hurricane Donna classified as "severe", warnings for Vanuatu and New Caledonia, 7 May

On early Saturday, May 6, tropical cyclone Donna became a "severe" Category 4 outbreak. It stayed about 300 km off the west shore of Torbaprovince, where a gale of lightning and rainfall continues to strike Vanuatu's north isles. The Torres Island is the most affected, with wind speeds of up to 160 km/h (99 mi/h), which are forecast to continue into Sunday evening.

Communications with the archipelago have been tough and the emergency services are in place. On Sunday, 7 May, the wind is likely to move southward and soften. Although Donna is still widely enough westbound not to directly affect Vanuatu's more densely populated South Island, the area will still face harsh meteorological conditions, which include torrential rain, devastating wind and torrential floods in Torba, Penama, Malampa and Sanmaprovinces.

Coastline floods are anticipated to result in possible landslips and traffic blocks, especially in low-lying areas and near the shore. The emergency services have already given a bluewarning to Vanuatu, asking them to get their houses prepared, fell hazardous tree trunks, recharge their telephones and keep torches, groceries and drinking fountains with them.

More southwesterly persecution of the hurricane is exposing the loyalty islands of New Caledonia to the wind; the New Caledonia authorities have issued a "pre-alarm" requesting the inhabitants to be prepared for the onset of the hurricane and to anticipate strong rains and local wind damage. She is scheduled to arrive in New Caledonia on 7 May and by 8 May.

After Wednesday, May 10, Donna is supposed to dissolve into colder water areas just to the South of Vanuatu and New Caledonia. The Vanuatu cycle period lasts from November to April, but tropic winds and clouds can also appear in other than these. Persons in areas affected by the hurricane alert are recommended to follow all directions given by your area' s government, to keep up to date with information from your area' s communications and to prepare for transport disturbances until the problem has returned to normal.

Keep in mind that it can be hazardous to drive or walk in flowing waters - 15 cm (6 in) of flowing waters are enough to push an adulthood over - and that floods can contain waste or chemicals; all objects that have come into direct physical touch with the waters should be sterilized and food should be wasted.

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