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Fishing charter and accommodation in Port Protection, Alaska - Underdog Sportfishing

Located on the Wooden Wheel Cove on the northwest shore of Prince of Wales Island, this isolated getaway is just a few short steps from some of Alaska's most prolific fisheries - not only for lox, but also for Monsters Cod, Greenland Halibut and Yoleeagle.

This is the only angling in the area that can only be reached by sea-aircraft. It is not simple to operate and rent a chalet here, but the chance to enjoy the fish in these unspoilt areas with our customers and buddies is more than a worthwhile one.

Various types of pollack live in these lakes at different periods of the year. Since soils are less migrating than pollacks, their number and sizes are much more readily influenced by fishery pressures in a given area. This means that the bottom fishery of Port Protection, which receives only a minuscule part of the pressures of the incumbent destination, is truly extraordinary, with plenty of Greenland halibut, yellow-eyed stonefish and above all gigantic Igcod.

There''s no simple way to change or have your kit fixed, so not only do we make sure our craft are in top condition before we leave, we also take spare parts for almost everything - fishing rod and tool, fishing processors and accessories, even down triggers and sockers.

Underdog Sportfishing has a NOAA-approved Halibut charters permit, so you can keep your halibut for Greenland Halibut according to the rules of the year. Also we take part in the GAF (Guided Fish Angler) programme. This enables us to purchase for our customers a portion of the fish intended for merchant fisheries.

The GAF programme currently gives you the thrilling possibility of harvesting two halibuts per full length per days until our GAF offer is exhausted. A $382 per species extra charge will apply to the GAF programme. A favourite activity of ours is that we can stay with our ropes in the sea all the time.

Sometimes we are fishing only 5 to 10 min from our docks, and seldom more than 30 min. You can also go fishing in our safe water in almost any kind of weathers. Our only motivation for walking further than 20 min. is to explore the almost unspoilt water around Kuiu Island, just behind the Sumner Strait.

Also untouched is angling, with tens of thousands of miles of bays, islets and points, many of which have never before been angled with rods and reels. Port Protection offers two types of accommodation. We are offering a new accommodation for groups of five or more people above the wooden wheel trade station with two fishermen per room and a view of Port Protection and the pen.

Harbour protection tours are full package deals from 4 nights/3 nights to 7 nights/6 nights, which includes accommodation and food, personal charters, expert guide, rainy equipment, boot, unrestricted fishing and bottom transport. Usually you come in the evenings before fishing, rinse the voyage with a drink and a delicious drink of locally grown sea food, relax and then fight the world's largest trout and pollack for the next three or more nights.

Departures are the mornings after your last angling outing.

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