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Shelter in Samoa Fale

We also offer the price-conscious traveler or group bookings the experience of how the locals sleep in an open trap. It's the beach magazine. Best Beach Fale Accommodation List:. Please note the following information for our accommodation: Accommodation at Vacations Beach Fale in Manase.

The Taumeasina Island Resort

This is a multi-million US Dollars residence on an man-made peninsula just outside Apia that has the promise of attracting more high-end tourists to Samoa. The Taumeasina Iceland Estate was opened in July this year with the support of the Lamana Group from Papua New Guinea. The Taumeasina Iceland Estate makes a good first impact with its spacious foyer that leads to a wonderfully landscaped pool area.

There is a large garden and the garden. In this way, visitors can appreciate both the city' s proximity and the peace and quiet awaited from a privately owned isle. They are a mixture of hotels suite and villa with a breathtaking three-level indoor and outdoor heated bath.

Across the swimming pools and beaches there is a contemporary fale, which serves as a sunny spot for sunsets as well as a perfect location for weddings. In and out of the rooms away from the turbulence of the swimming pools and restaurants, the sounds of palm trees and the overlapping oceans blow.

New rooms at Taumeasina Iceland Resort. Two or three bedrooms mansions have their own kitchen and utility room. Huge glazed French windows open onto a separate dining area with a view of the palms and the sea behind. The only pedestrians who pass by the small isle are the casual passers-by.

Most of the diners visit the refreshment bar, which is different every evening. If you are having an upscale fling, you can order supper at Sina's, a more pricey and intimate evening meal at the back of the pools. Also a must-have is the resort's distinctive Apia fruit, which is a different mix of fruits every single working days.

For those who want to discover Apia, there is a bus service and for those who don't want to go into the city by car, there is a souvenir store in the mall. There are also several privately owned activities, sporting crews, goverment delegation and activities. Whilst many hotels at this end of the valley do not allow kids, Taumeasina seems to concentrate on high quality families.

From Auckland, the four-hour flight to Faleolo International Airport in Samoa, 35 kilometres from Apia on the Upolu Isle. It will take about 45 min. to get to the hotel. The Taumeasina has a great deal to offer and anyone looking for a simple, uncomplicated vacation with the whole host families will like this.

She' s been paying her own way to Samoa.

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