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Population growth and the decline in available space also have a. There are two main sources of water for the Cook Islands. According to the information currently available, the earthquake risk in the area you have selected (Cook Islands) is classified as very low. Flat corals and narrow reef passes mean that an area with incredibly constant swell has fewer opportunities for surfing than you might think. Department, HASC, Population, Area( km.

Masters of the Cook Islands Marine Reserves - Jacqueline Evans

Cook Islands Naval Parks is one of more and more large sea conservation areas in the Pacific. Back in August 2012, Cook Islands Prime Minister Henry Puna announced the world's biggest maritime reserve over the south half of the country's NoEZ.

The area covers 065 million sq km - more than twice as large as Papua New Guinea. It will help to preserve the region's maritime bio-diversity, promote regional industrial development and preserve the world' s oceans' wellbeing. "It is our privilege to have a Prime Minister who envisages a more green life in the Cook Islands.

Mr Jacqueline is the representative of the Te Ipukarea Society on the Cook Islands Naval Board. Part of this task is to work with governments to devise a maritime parking policies that describe in detail how the Maritime Fleet will operate in terms of current regulatory frameworks and resources use.

"We have a multi-disciplinary stearing board made up of individuals with different background and different set of shared beliefs. There are members from a number of governments on the board, and we have long-standing leaders and NGO officials on the board. It has given us the chance to come together and experience each stakeholder's view of the development of the Maritime Park," Jacqueline added.

In Rarotonga, Cook Islands, Jacqueline Rarotongan supported the restoration of traditionally preserved areas of the sea after more than 40 years of shelter. Their work has contributed to expanding our understanding of the core components of managing conserved areas in contemporary societies. Jacqueline's top prioritization at Te Ipukarea Società is to finalize the Cook Islands Naval Park Managment Politici.

Policy backing already exists for the overall approach to the Maritime Parks in all Cook Islands, which includes backing from both sides of the House and conventional rulers. Next is the consultation with the authorities that will be directly affected by the naval fleet. Up to now, three of the most important governmental authorities have been able to imagine how their mandates could be integrated into the context of the Maritime Parks.

An important one is still to be discussed, as it envisages the Maritime Parks and its part in it. Establishing the Cook Islands Maritime Reserve will help to achieve the BIOPAMA goals as it will enhance mutual appreciation and appreciation of policies and decision-makers across the Pacific and around the globe on the roles that conservation areas can perform in terms of sustaining and conserving essential eco-system wellbeing.

She is a project manager of the Te Ipukarea Society for the Cook Islands Marine Park and a alumnus of the University of the South Pacific in Fiji and geographer of the East West Center in Honolulu.

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