Catherine Cove

The Catherine Bay

The Catherine Cove Location Guide, New Zealand's tide station, also features nearby tide stations and surf breaks. Harbor an der Chesapeake Bay, Va. This is Catherine's Cove, the perfect spot at Winter Harbor. The race will coincide with the race of the Waikawa Boating Club to Catherine Cove. The waves crash onto rocks at Lake Superior in Catherine Cove, Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada.

Catherine' s Cove in the winter harbour on the.....

No matter what time of year, this house is a quiet, extreme privacy resort! Catherine' s Cove is the perfect place for those who enjoy a relaxing swim. From angling in Chesapeake Bay, immersing their feet in the sea while observing the bird life from the docks, to the sensation of the continuous breezes on the shielded 10X50 veranda, she will calm the soul, relax the limbs and soothe the souls.

Just a few mins from the bay, all year round, Winters Harbor offers superb crab and angling (including fly-fishing!), gentle and tranquil kayak, birdwatching and sunbathing. The elevated chimney provides a cosy place in the fall and fall to relax with a good read or to have long discussions with your loved ones.

On entering the entrance to the master storey, you will quickly be struck by the sun-drenched atmosphere of the building. Featuring pinewood flooring throughout the entire front storey of the home, all from a Connecticut plant, and wide view window over wetland and waters, the building's clear and tidy design complements its natural appearance.

An open top layout created by a Richmond based restaurateur offers an inviting room for everyone. There is a dining area, both in the building and on the veranda, to allow you to sit and relax with each other over a dinner. It has three double rooms on the same level, with enough private sphere and room in each:

The first has two single berths, the other has a full size berth and a private entrance to the bath, which is common with the large room, and the main room has a queensize berth with private bath and entrance to the veranda. With two single berths and a fold-out sofabed, the lofts room accentuates the open layout and offers another place to linger and soak up.

Catherine' s Cove is just a few mins from Main Street, Matthews, where you can shop and eat if you want to'downtown'! There is a well-equipped galley, so that the food on site can be even better. In 1947, this 1947 real play Americana is a kind of old film theatre, in which the deceased Charles Kuralt would have paused and made a history for his On the Road series.

It is a great way to get back in style for a funny, rural night. The HISTORIC WILLIAMSBURG and YORKTOWN, WATERCOUNTRY, and THE WILLIAMSBURG OUTLET STORES are every 45 minutes driving distance..... This cottage was constructed just nine years ago as our holiday home from the city.

Since our grown-up kids are spread all over the land, we have chosen to divide our house with you.

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