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What happened on Oahu

Despite all its tropical beauty and attraction, not everything is at Oahu sunsets, smiles, May Tai and rainbows: You should take a look at these common tourist mistakes before deciding what to do in Oahu. If you' re on Oahu, you have to swim with the dolphins. So what to do in Chinatown Honolulu, Oahu. Oahu is best visited from mid-April to early June or from September to mid-December.

Overview of Oahu Island: How's Oahu? - LivingĀ  in Hawaii

Universe Oahu Iceland. The city of Oahu is unbelievably pretty and the most frequented of all of Hawaii's isles. And Oahu has the most people. This means there are a number of really astonishing things about Oahu and you should not miss this place for at least two or three of your Hawaii holiday.

By the time you see the Hawaiian Isles under your aircraft, you will be grateful that someone has created control system in them. Much of Hawaii's hassle is relieved - even in Oahu. You probably live in Waikiki, in Honolulu district. Honolulu district is home to the whole isle. On the way to Waikiki you will see some of the poorest sights Oahu has to show - you will pass under a multi-storey motorway and there will probably be some roadworks.

As soon as you are in WAIKIKIKI, you will see that it is a big town like any other touristic seaside town. Wai-Kiki Strands are quite safe for kids, but keep an eye on them. It is a great place to be and from there you can go on trips all over the whole country or to the other countries at reasonableĀ costs.

Night life is also centred in Waikiki and there are many night clubs to attend. So what's to see on Oahu? On the motorway that leads down to the northern bank, there are stalls where you can buy newly grinded native beans. When you are fortunate and come in winters, you can see 30-40 feet of surf on the shores of Waimea or Sunset.

Some of the northern shores are really nice and there are some of them without humans. When you don't like to surf - don't worry, most places on the northern bank are not surf spots - just a few. You' re not on the northern coast if you don't have the expertise.

Dillingham Air Field is where you can fly HangGlidingHawaii (.com) parachuting, hang gliding or with a pro-driver. Take a fourth or half a quid each and enjoy real local food. Most of the swells are chunky, but there are some nice sandy spots in Kahana - see Chinaman's Hat here, Kaneohe, Kailua, Bellows, Waimanolo, Makapu'u, Sandys, and finally Diamondhead and Waikiki again.

We drive from here again to the east, further to the southwest. Ala Moana Majorca is home to Ala Moana Parc - a large tree-lined area used for a picnic by local residents and visitors, and even for windsurfing and body boarding in the hot-season. Further westwards you will find Waipahu, Wianaiae and other places you don't want to forsake!

They are the places of the natives and there are some places where you don't want to be safe. Continuing on Hwy 93 you will arrive at a wonderful state reserve named Ka'ena Point State Parc with an outstanding sandy area. I and a mate cycled down from Dillingham Air Feld to this sandy spot and saw some of the local spearfishing people coming out of their canoes.

Many people live in this place - but it is very secure from what I have been through. There is no secure way to avoid the western side of Oahu, except by bicycle or on foot.

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