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The best attractions, tips & tricks for your visit to Oahu brought to you by the Go Oahu Card Team! Aboard the Makani catamaran in Oahu for whale watching, trade winds, fireworks and spectacular sunset sails. I am looking into buying a go Oahu card and want some input if anyone had problems using it or if it is worth buying.

The Oahu Go Card 4 each

We' ve tried Go Card Oahu for the first try and we' ve been saving $144 each, on the basis of our chosen Honolulu activity for one full year. Hints for using the Go Card Oahu: 1 If you buy more than one daily ticket, you can choose your other nights within a 2 weeks timeframe.

Find the best value for money for your Go Card Oahu and choose higher-priced rides. We are big fan of the Honolulu Museum of Art, for example, but we chose it because it costs only $10 and involves entrance to the marvelous Spalding House on the same date. Check if a pre-booking is necessary for everything you want to see with Go Card Oahu.

We had only one thing in mind in our case, which needed a booking and then everything else around it. If bookings are necessary, the seller will ask for a bank account number to reserve your seat. Take into account the travel times between your trips. HONOLULULU intercourse can be sluggish, so take that into account.

Attempt to prevent as much as possible traffic in the afternoons and in the mornings. Map for the park. If you have to park on the road, please take your coin or search for counters with your card. 9:00 Bishop's Musuem. Prior to our free 25-minute trip through Hawaiian Hall at 10am, we came an hours earlier to visit Hawaii's biggest open-air exhibition and the world's biggest heritage collections.

There are no bookings required. Car park is an add-on $5. 00 or look for something free on a neighbouring road. 10:30 a.m. 13 minute ride to the Iolani-Palast. Admission is still limited in time, but no reservation is required. Honolulu's only regal castle in the United States should be on the agenda of all activities in Honolulu.

There was a toll car park in the gate of the building. 12:00 hrs 9 min to Makani Catamaran Tours. There is a car park near the ship and a large number of good-looking and beloved dining cars for a fast luncheon at 12:30 before check-in. Reservation is necessary for 1:00 pm afternoons.

14:30 hrs Arrival by road and 1,5 hrs driving to the Polynesian Cultural Centre. There are no bookings required. There is no charge for parkings. Checking in is sluggish and you won't believe you came just for a passport and not for the Lau or the show. It was an light ride back to the Waikiki candles.

Taste a Go Card Oahu and let us know how you have your date and time.

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