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The Village of Vatia is an administrative unit located in the Eastern District, American Samoa. The current time in American Samoa is displayed live with seconds along with the active date and time zone. American Samoa map of the borders of Vatia. Vatia, American Samoa with elevation map. The map also shows the topography and contour of Vatia, American Samoa.

This Fua'o God's present to Vatia? American Samoa

The 2012 Flag Day tu'uga va'a has 11 Fautasias. Foetal Ole Afiafi (2), from Faga'alu, Matasaua from Manu'a district, Nu'uuli from Nu'uuli, the sharks from Samoana High School, Ise'ula i Moana from Fagatogo, Ise' from Pago Pago, Samoa III Fealofani from Fagasa, Fua'o from Vatia, Paepae O Ulupo'o from Aua and the Tolotolo O Tama Uli from Salelologa Savai'i.

Faga'alu's delayed participation, the Fa'asaulala will compete in the finals around him on April 16, which will not be qualified for the finals on April 18. In the name of the town of Vatia during the inauguration of the new Fua'o last months, speaker Nanai Afuola bravely asserted that her long vessel had been constructed with funds from heaven.

"The Holy Spirit and God gave us the funds to make the Fautasasi. "Fua'o's master, Ga'ote'ote Pala'ie Tofau says the plan costs almost $100,000. "Further expenditures were the payments from the new Faleva'a in Vatia and Ioane. The Loititi and Ga'ote'ote skippers are proud of the Fua'ofautasi.

"When we first gathered to discuss the construction of the Fautassi, I said to the Vatia skipper and guides that I would do my best to build the best of them. As Loititi explains to this correspondent: "I believe that the Fua'o is the best I have ever constructed, and it will work well.

One of the guests, Governor Togiola Tulafono, even tossed a smooth blow when he watched Vatia men with large manavas hung around the Fua'o lafatas. Said Nanai, Ga'ote'ote and other chiefs that the number of crew members could hamper the new Fua'o fautasi's race-break. Captain Ga'ote'ote is in charge of 49 oarsmen.

Vatia has been practicing on the streets and at sea for about six months since January. More than 60 oarsmen are in the encampment and the last 49 persons were chosen to replace the town of Vatia in the group stage on Saturday mornings. "The new Vatia is not new to Faigameanle Tai," says the new Vatia-skier.

Vatia's last possession of a Faustasi was in 1968, "if I recall correctly," Ga'ote'ote remembers. "Auva'a will run for the name of our town. It' s important that we do everything we can to make it to the flag day finals next weekend. It is our aim to be among the top six next week," says Capt. Ga'ote'ote to this newsman.

This year Vatia is a very lively place for Flag Day events. Men's Fua'o kelikiki side suffered a loss in the Liga finals this Friday and Pago Pago Pago's Aeto' ole Fua'o was beaten. Furthermore, the ala'alafaga o Vatia is getting ready to talk to the American Samoa population and the invitees next weekend with their pesi and sibe.

"Everybody in our community is part of all these things. The entire Fua'o crews will sing and dance on Flag Day. Most of them also represent our town on the crashet-field. Since the beginning of this year the crews have been working in our police, rescue service, our crickets and ours.

I am simply astonished that they have the strength and the will to stand up for our village," says Ga'ote'ote mußes. SKIPER says he had the influenza for a few nights, but now he's up and down and preparing for the Saturday event. Fua'o has some taule'a matais, which have the daily matters of the crews and the vessel under our command.

John Mitchell, Aiga Galoia, Tofau Ga'ote'ote, Patea Asovalu and others. Ga'ote'ote, the Senate Chairperson, has also chaired the Flag Day Commission in recent years. The Vatia-skier was defending the new chair, Suiaunoa, when the skippers began to blame the Bailiff. "For three years I was chair of the Fautasí Artisan Affairs Committe.

It' s no simple task to inspect the masters and their Fautasis in the harsh seas. There is so much the team can do, but it is also the Kapiteni's duty to ensure that the event is always conducted fairly. Each year the captain points to the chair person and his team for many things that go awry during a tu'uga va'a, but from my past chair person experiences, the skipper is also responsible for the many bad departures in them.

Of the 10 Fautasis that Loititi Maselino Ioane has made, the Fua'o is his best one. "I' ve redesigned the Fua'o to make it easier, more powerful and faster." Fua'o is 98 ft long, lacquered in deep red and looks sturdy and powerful. According to the shipbuilder in Vatia, the ship was constructed for almost two month.

Loititi says that his sibling Fonoti Etuale Ioane, an architecture firm in Samoa, has drawn the Fua'o plans from the sizes he supplied. For more than 30 years Tufuga Loititi has been constructing yachts. He built 10 Fautasias during this heyday. Svalali o le Filemu (Falelatai), Tamarina, Kionasina, Little Rina (all in the possession of the hotel owner Alan Grey of Apia, Vaiala and Toamua), Ulalei (Vaiala), La O Samoa (Lepea), Paepae O Ulupo'o (Aua), Shark (Samoana High School), Segavao (Si'usega and Don Bosco College) and Fua'o (Vatia).

Loititi says that the Segavao was first begun by a joiner who had no idea of how to build a carnival. "I' ve been asked by the PM of Samoa (Tuila'epa Lupesolia'i Sa'ilele Malielegaoi) to complete the work. Little Rinafautasi is a ship build by Loititi and his Norwegian supervisor Overa.

LOITITITI does not believe in the use of computers to create futuristic designs. It was God who gave me this ability and this ability to create and construct ships right out of my head. Several of the Fautasis I made won the American Samoa and Apia races," notes 50-year-old Tuff. Kionasina, Segavao and Tamarina won Independent fagamea in Apia, while Little Rina (2003) and Segavao (2006) won the highest awards at the Flag Day events in Pago Pago.

A peculiarity of Loititi is that he has constructed four Fautasis, which will start at this year's Flag Day tu'uga. PAEPAPAE O Ulupo'o, SHARK, Tolotolo O Tama Uli/La O Samoa and the Fua'o. Loititi's wishes can come to fruition in the 2012 Flag Day Faigamea allai. "It is my vision to see three of my fautas take first, second and third place in tu'uga va'a here or in Apia," aims the Moamoa Chanel College Touga.

Her oldest, Anastasia was the Samoana High School Valedictorian 2010. "I' d like to pass on my deepest sympathy to the Senate Chairman, Ga'ote'ote, for his recognition and appreciation of my talent as a shipbuilder. It showed trust in my capacity to be the Fua'o Fua'o in the early work.

"Ga'ote'ote and I spoke about the new Vatia fäutasi and after he was sure, the presidents told his town that I will be the one who will construct the new Fua'o.". From Fagaloa, Loititi said, "Ia Manuela le Fa'amoemoe i lafioga Ga'ote'ote ma le auva'a o le Fua'o".

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