The Dhiffushi (Dhivehi: ?????

???) is one of the inhabited islands of the Kaafu Atoll. Big savings on hotels in Dhiffushi, Maldives online. The Dhiffushi White Sand Beach Hotel: In the Ameera Guest House on the island of Dhiffushi you will get to know traditional island life. After experiencing real Maldives, we decided to stay at the Rashu Hiyaa Hotel on Dhiffushi Island.

The Dhiffushi Island in the Maldives. Complete verification

The Dhiffushi is a part of the Kaafu atoll. Thulusdhoo, another populated isle, is only 8 km southwards of Dhiffushi. It is a small archipelago (like most populated islands) measuring 950 x 200 metres. About 1200 inhabitants are living in this small piece of the world. An increasing number of local residents are involved in the tourism sector, but fisheries remain one of their main occupations.

Guesthouses are opening more and more in Dhiffushi, but the tourist doesn't come here so much. There are two Diffushi bikinis, one next to the Rashu Hiya Hotel, the other on the opposite side of the isle. On the first one there is good access to the sea and the sandy area is beautiful.

However, the canal that leads to the decks is about ten metres, so you should be wary of the approaches. It is only 50-70 metres long. Two guesthouses clean the beaches. However, they do not enclose it with a barrier and the local people can also come to the beaches.

One can sunbathe in a swimsuit on this one ( "bikini", but there are still signposts forbidding this). Indigenous people who use the beaches are very liberal with this rules. It is a very clear sandy spot, the sandy beaches are simply perfect snow-white, waters, like crisp milk: 28-30 degree all around the clock, the deep sea starts quite far away from the beaches.

Little crustaceans run all over the beaches that do not get bitten, but it is very hard to capture them! There is a second one in the southwest of the isle. It is not so neat as the first, but still very bearable for the recovery. Behind the shore the area is not so clear and you can jump on a small water tank that the sea brings with it.

You have to go a little to the lefthand side to float in the clear waters as you can see in the picture. Monsun takes all the garbage to this side of the shore. They may have found a shadow under the awning, and they are resting on a deckchair, there is enough on the sun.

You say that the shore is getting more regular and I think it's really going to be. On the southern part of the shore there is a beautiful sandy shore, ideal for snorkelling and enjoying the variety of the area. I' ll talk about the natives and the Maldives separat.

You love to talk about your own country and want to know your history. At Dhiffushi I got to know a former scuba diving schoolteacher. Only a few stores on the isle ("several grocery and souvenir shops"), there is no ATM and also no pharmacy.

There' s a" guy" on the isle who has medication, and if you need anything, you should call him and ask for it. However, on the upside, a bottled tank of bottled cold running hot tub (1.5 liters) costs there 7 callys, and in the motel the same bottled hot tub costs $2. It is important to come when a store is open.

You can buy some food and drink (sweets, crisps, etc.) there. Dhiffushi offers more seaside holidays with kids because it doesn't offer so many possibilities for activity. However, you can still use the Meeru Island Resort & Spa Resort, which is not that far yet.

This is $50 per passenger (although not all guesthouses offer this option). It is 200 metres from the sea, but you cannot get to it if you try to go swimming because safety does not allow you to do so. There are two diving centres on the islands.

It is not a diving area. There are also two aquatic centres with scooter, surf, windsurf ing, kayak and other things to do.

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