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New Zealand Hauraki Gulf Cruises, day and night cruises in New Zealand Hauraki Golf is really one of Auckland's most beautiful crown gems. Hauraki Gulf is dotted with more than 50 islets and many sands. The largest part of the Hauraki Gulf is part of the Hauraki Golf Navy Park and is full of sea creatures such as sharks, porpoises, whales orca. Most of the gulf's breath-taking islets are sanctuaries for threatened wildlife, breath-taking volcanoes or breath-taking resorts.

Auckland Sea Shuttles - Welcome to Auckland Sea Shuttles, a professional charters on Hauraki Gulf Coast Sea Taxis providing access to Auckland and its neighboring isles. The Hauraki Gulf Marina Park in Auckland offers a wide variety of fauna and breathtaking landscapes. You will see savage sea creatures and scarce birdlife in their native habitats.

Explore the sea with explorers on the boat who are committed to protecting cetaceans and their vulnerable home. Portable - Explore Auckland's stunning Hauraki Gulf with fully managed and serviced charter flights to Great Barrier Island, Little Barrier, the Henne & Chicken Islands and the Mokohinau Island Group. Whatever your excuses for spending more quality leisurely hours on the truly beautiful landscape and historical wonders of Kawau Island, or destination in the larger Hauraki Gulf, Kawau Water Taxis & Kawau Cruises can provide a stress-free event.

These Auckland - Hauraki Golf Kreuzfahrten - daily and accommodation maps show the tourist sites in your selected area, town, village or town. Auckland - Hauraki Golf card symbol for more information.

Hauraki Gulf Islands Activity

Savour juicy crisply prepared yoghurt and other local specialities, as well as the best Waiheke vines. Waiheke Island is the place to be if you are looking for a first class winetour. Explore the wealth of natural beauties on Waiheke Island ?The Island of Wine?.

You' re sure to remember this trip for a long time! Don't miss this wonderful, entertaining, relaxed and instructive winetour. You' ll be visiting 3 to 4 award-winning vines and sampling 3-5 of each. You' ll have a 1.5 to 2 hour break in one of the vines (lunch is included) where you can unwind, taste the wines, the cuisine and the landscape.

Get lost in the vineyards on this small, personal group trip around Waiheke Island. You' ll be able to hear the flavours, attractions and noises that have brought to perfection the locals for years. Celebrating the island's charms, this trip takes you off the well-trodden paths to discover the enchantment of Waiheke.

You will start with a collection from anywhere on Waiheke Island and include tasting in 2 shop wineries (excluding lunches and boat tickets). Maori guides this personal guided bike trip. Starting in the town of Oneroa, the trip is a great way to discover the breathtaking scenery of Waiheke Island.

This 6-hour tour is complemented by your travel companion with genuine Maori storytelling on the island. Visiting the island's only'marae' (M?ori meeting point), enjoying a culinary barbecue and winetasting in one of the famous Waiheke vines. Take a smooth stroll into the rolling countryside with a picturesque cycling tour along the side streets of Waiheke Island.

A Maori guided five-hour personal trip, which starts from the boat station, tells tales about the island of Waiheke's nature and culture and gives an insight into the island's only "marae" (M?ori). Waiheke vineyard tastings and a culinary picknick are inclusive.

Waiheke like a celebrity on this personal guided walk through the world. Celebrate the breathtaking landscape with a guided visit to the island with amusing comments. Tasting in three wineries as well as a two course meal and a glas of fine wines in a wineyard café are including.

Arrival by car, with pick up and return from your accomodation or the landing stage. When you are looking for a relaxing outing with a small group of friends, this is a good choice for you. With some of Waiheke's natural attractions, a trip to three vineyard boutiques, a microbrewery and an exquisite luncheon.

The Waiheke Island has become known as New Zealand's "Island of Wine", where a group of award-winning winemakers have settled. Take a cozy van to three or more of the best vines on the island and take a commented Waiheke round trip with one of our expert guide, who are all natives who know the island, its peoples and its products.

Make something different by joining a fun arching game in a scenic Waiheke Island vines! This is a wineyard trip and tastings with a sip of fine wines, artisan beers, and traditional Swiss cider. On scenic Waiheke Island, just 35 min from the centre of Auckland, you can spend a whole night away from the town and enjoy the charm of a beautiful island in the Hauraki Gulf.

Whilst the production of beers and wines is taken very seriously, we are quite down-to-earth here.

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