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Mountains of the main islands Viti Levu and Vanua Levu form humid climate zones on the windward side and dry climate zones on the leeward side. I just want to know what the weather is like this time of year. How will the weather be? Also on the smaller islands they occur significantly less than on the main island Viti Levu. Talk to your travel professional about the weather in your holiday destination.

Weather on Denarau Island - Nadi Forum

Hello everyone, this is my first visit to the city of Myanmar, but I'm just worried about the weather in there because I reviewed the weather forecast, most rainy weather conditions. The weather is mostly like in OFF? They run from November to March. When you say that, the weather is very unpredictable, so you can only have one day of rains in the rainy period, or it could be raining all the while.

The best period to come to Fiji is, in my view, from May to September. Hello Beerwalk, I'm going to Fiji in March and I can say (from your countdown) that you'll go as well. You ever been to March? Weatherwise, have I heared that it is generally sunshine during the days and can be raining for a few afternoons?

Hopefully it won't be raining when we get there, I'm going to do some island tours and sunbathing! Yeah, I was already in March and we had beautiful sunshine with a few downpours later in the evening. It will hopefully be the same this year, but it is the weather we are discussing so that everything can work out!

We' re going to Shangri La on March 21. We can hold off. We' ll be back in Brisbane on 21 March........ not too troubled by the weather, don't worry as long as the weather is clear and the beers cool. Weather''s good, I trust. You better say a prayer.

I' m staying in Sheraton Fiji, anybody ever been there?

We' re just having one journey where it rained most of the time. Though I' m not sure if it makes a big deal to be on the land (e.g. Denarau) and not on an island. It' s the rainy period and the land to which Denarau belongs gets more than the surrounding islets.

Hopefully the outdoors will be sunny for you. The weather can't be changed, so just go and have fun, it will still get hot in and out of the sea. 2 and 2 stay Westin, 2 and 6 Westin Nanuya Princess as well! Much fun with surfing.

I' ve only got 18 working nights left!

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