You can book Gangga Island Resort & Spa, Manado on TripAdvisor: The Bangka & Gangga Islands and Pulisan. Ganga Guest House offers free WiFi and sea views in Canggu. Literally Tirta Gangga means water from the Ganges and is a place of worship for the Hindu Balinese. Situated near the Tirta Gangga Water Palace.

Scuba in Manado

The PADI Five Star Divecenter is run by certified PADI Phuket scuba professionals. Skilled professional scuba educators and professional scuba guide are proud to offer a very personalized scuba diver training program for you. Each room has its own rack to keep the gear and toilets and showers with warm water - ideal for the time after your overnight caving.

More than 30 world-class sites offer a beautiful diversity of sea creatures with unique wildlife and unspoilt coves. Ganga is the perfect base for scuba dives in the Bangka Archipelago, Bunaken National Navy Park (near Manado) and Lembeh Strait. Throughout your visit the scuba guide will help you explore the beautiful aquatic environment and see the amazingly abundant wildlife that captivates scuba-divers.

Marinebiologists from all over the globe come here to observe and take photographs of sea creatures. There are 5 wooden dive boat, three with on-board lavatories, all with ease of entry and exit. Boat personnel are fully prepared to meet all your dive needs.

Ganga Divers also has a regulatory services room and three of the guidebooks have degrees for repair and maintenance of Scuba Pro and Equalung regulations. Gangga is a small and beautiful place to go scuba-diving on the Indian Ocean. Situated on the shores of the Pacific and Indo-Pacific Oceans, with more than 30 world-class divesites, the islands offer a beautiful diversity of sea creatures.

More than 30 divesites around five of the five island, among them Montehage and Manado Tua. Due to its breathtaking view (20-30 meters) it is one of the best places in the whole wide range of scuba dives. With 25 divesites, this area is a photographer's heaven. It' widely known for its macros.

It has an avarage range of sight of 10-20 metres and is characterised by deep vulcanic blacks and its dark sandy hillsides, which emphasise the astonishing diversity of sea creatures.

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