Norfolk Island Weather may

Weather on Norfolk Island may

As our version of April and May all year round. Norfolk Island's climate. That may sound strange, but it's actually a step back in time. The Norfolk Island: a visit to our cottage. Light can be supplemented by fluorescent or incandescent sources.

Norfolk climate: Temperature, climograph, climate for Norfolk

Norfolk's weather is cool and moderate. In Norfolk a great deal of rain falls all year round. There' s still plenty of rain even in the wettest months. Here the mean temperatur is 9.2 °C. It has an approximate amount of rain per year of 649 mm. January is the wettest months. In January 14 mm of rain fall.

The most rainfall in June is 108 mm on averages. July is the hottest months, averaging 24.0°C. During January the mean temperatures are -6.8 °C. This is the minimum annual mean temperate. Rainfall differs by 94 mm between the dryest and wetest months.

During the year, mean temperature fluctuates by 30.8 °C.

Isle of Norfolk Group petition Britisch PM May

There are still many on the island who are upset at the losses of their governments and the autonomy they had been enjoying since 1856. A number of calls have been made internationally, among others to Westminster, who sent a mission of MEPs to the island in September. The report states that it strongly supports an appe to the United Nations and Norfolk to work more intimately with Britain.

July Weather - Norfolk Island Forum

I was just thinking about the weather in July on Norfolk. Hello Kelsta, with a weather overview added below and a more detailled forecast when you click on the weather links on the homepage of the website above. Midwinter would be July, so a good season to go, but maybe too cool for swiming/snorkeling without a neoprene suit.

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