Bora Bora Wind

The Bora Bora Wind

Pictures of Skura Bura -'dark Bora' (Bora scura) in Korcula and Peljesac Canal. Some of the strongest bora winds occur in this area is the Velebit Mountains in Croatia. Bora is a wind that blows northeast from the mountains into the Gulf of Trieste. A baroclinical multi-layer model is used to analyse the reaction of the Adriatic Sea to the bora wind under stratified conditions. The Bora is a cold, flat wind that blows mainly from the north-east over the mountain barrier of the Dinaric Alps, parallel to the eastern Adriatic coast.

Latest pictures of Bura in Korcula (March 2015)

or in Croatian Bura is a northerly to northeastern wind that flows along the coast of the adriatic, whose name is derived from the mythologic character of Boreas - the northwind. The Bura is a gusting wind and is especially widespread in winters. The harshest blowing wind is when a low headland is located above the snow-capped peaks of the inner plateaus behind the coast and a quiet low headland further southwards above the warm waters of the Croatian Sea.

Bura will increase as the temperature gets even lower. `dunkle Bora' (Bora scura) is a variant of the Bura wind with properties of low, gray haze that move towards the sea.


Bora, initially known as a very powerful wind blowing from the NE to the ADRIA in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. This is most frequent in winters and happens when cool wind traverses the mountain from the eastern side and goes down to the coastline; therefore it is generally considered as gravitational (or catabatic) wind.

Bora stands for similar wind in other parts of Europe, among them Bulgaria, the Black Sea and Novaya Zemlya in the Arctic of Russia and in the west of the United States on the east side of the Rocky Mountains.

Wind, Surf & Wheather Forecasts Bora Bora Aéroport

These are the wind, waves and meteorological predictions for Bora Bora Aéroport in Bora-Bora, French Polynesia. It is forecasted under the GFS-Modell. Predictions are available around the world. Predictions are calculated 4x daily at 19:00, 1:00, 7:00 and 1:00 Tahiti time. They are pointing in the wind that blows.

Read the wind prediction for Bora Bora Aéroport if you want to find the best last-minute holiday spot for your kite, windsurf or sail holiday in Polynesia. Our standard unit are nodes and centigrade. If you need more information about our wind forecasts for Bora Bora Aéroport, take a look at our help.

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