Vanuatu Currency

The Vanuatu Currency

The local currency (Vanuatu Vatu-VUV) and abroad. Specify the amount of money to be converted from the Egyptian pound (EGP) to Vanuatu Vatu (VUV). Vanuatu Vatu exchange rate $1 = Vt73.8? NZD/VUV

? 9 Jul 2018 $ 1 = Vt 73.7731?, The convertor shows the exchange rate of 1 New Zealand Dollars to Vanuatu autom from Monday, July 9, 2018. If you wish to cancel the Vanuatu to New Zealand dollars exchange rate, click on the following adress. To return to the start page of the currency calculator.

New Zealand dollars are the currency used in the following 5 countries: Cooks, New Zealand, Niue, Pitcairn Islands, Tokelau. Vanuatu is Vanuatu Vatu's moneys. The Vanuatu was launched on 10 July 1967 (51 years ago) and has been in use since 1 January 1981 (37 years ago).

It has 5 New Zealand dollars ( $1 and $2), the Vanuatu-Vatu has 7 tokens ( V2, V2, V2, VVt5, VVt10, Vt20, Vt50 and Vt100), New Zealand Dollars have 5 notes ( $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100) there are 6 notes for the Vanuatu watu ( Vt200, Vt500, Vt1000, Vt2000, Vt5000 and Vt10000).

Are you sure it's the right moment to switch your currency? Vanuatu Valley's best trading date for the New Zealand dollar was Friday, July 14, 2017. The currency had attained its highest value at that point. In Vanuatu City, the hardest thing to move the New Zealand dollar was Monday, November 20, 2017.

Conversion of Vanuatu Vatu into Solomon Islands dollars

In this page you can calculate VUV to SRD using the current exchange rate of 09/07/2018 04:50. Reverse these currrencies? You can use this currency converter for real-time currency conversion during input. States that use this currency: Vanuatu, country using this currency: Salomon Island, Would you like to make an overseas cash deposit in Vanuatu Vatu Solomon Island's Dollar?

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