Wajdroka Lefts adorns the canal that leads to his resort of the same name and climbs up in the deeper water, making it a longboard and improver-friendly. The Waidroka Bay Resort is situated in the middle of the rainforest and yet directly by the sea. The Waidroka Bay Dive Resort is rapidly becoming one of the most unique dive centres in Fiji. But after my time at Waidroka Bay Resort I can only say how it has exceeded all expectations. Waidroka Bay was our first stop during a two-week trip to Fiji.

Korovou Waidroka Bay Resort - Update in 2018

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The Waidroka Bay Surf Resort is a central and conveniently situated on Fiji's biggest coral coast isle Viti Levu, unique in the Oceans Edge rain forest. The Waidrokia Bay Resort has so much to do with plenty of activity. Maybe you'd rather just sit back and unwind by the swimming pools, take in your daily spas, or just soak up the tropics.

The Waidroka Bay is one of the few insular destinations to offer windsurfing holidays to the worlds famous'frigates' as well as to Fiji Pipe, Lefts Beach Club, Serua Rights and Vunaniu Rights. Waidroka Bay is the place to be if you like a multitude of not crowded shafts. There is also a wide range of windsurfers, bodyboards, helms, shashies and boats (if desired).

A 30-foot Fiji Explorer is used for windsurfing transfer to the frigates - a 30-foot full top covered cruiser with upholstered seating and head rest. You' ll stay with the vessel while enjoying world-class wave surfing at one of the best break spots in the game.

Cruises to the Left, Serua Rights, Fiji Pipe and Vunaniu Rights resorts take 5-10 min and the boats stay with you while you are enjoying the surfing. There are also snorkelling and angling excursions from the residence. Wadrokia offers a wide variety of certified divers training programs and is available at the centre and on site.

You can go on angling excursions to the best angling sites; there are several international records here. Waidroka Bay Resort residents fish most of their free day and will be glad to take you to their hidden places to find the big ones! The Waidroka Bay Surf Resort is open all year round.

Though the surfing seasons generally last from February to October, Fiji has surfing all year round. For the best offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us! The Waidroka Bay Resort has different room options depending on equipment and budgets. Near windsurf breaks.....

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The Sibon Baru (formerly Bohemian Baru) is a powerful kitten specially developed for the windsurfing charters in Indonesia's remotest isles. This is a new, refreshing windsurf ing place on the Telo Island, just a few moments away from the tons of GTs. For the best prices, please do not hesitate to ask for it!

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