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Samoa-American travel guide

Américosamoa Resorts & Hotels with Spas: The American Samoa is an area of the USA located in the South Pacific. Samoa-American Archive - travel guide TuUTUILA Tutuila (137 sqkm) is the principal American Samoa islet, a vulcanic islet in the Pacific Ocean less than 100 km southeast of the tip of Upolu where you can find the volcano. Samoa is an uncorporated area of the United States of America in the Pacific Ocean between Samoa in the western part and the Cook Isles in the easterly part, 4,000 km southwestern of the city of hawaii and 2,900 km northeastern...


American-Samoa travel guide

The American Samoa is a wonderful South Pacific island made up of two offshore reefs and five vulcanic isles. American Samoa's most popular sightseeing spots are the scenic harbour and capitol Pago Pago (which is in fact a craters of an extinguished volcano), Ofu Beach, Forbidden Bay, one of the most charming in the South Pacific, and American Samoa National Park, renowned for its stunning Judds craters and birds.

Other island landmarks include the stunning Leone Falls, Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary and the Samoan village of Tula Village. There are many intercontinental carriers, such as Samoa Air, offering flights between American Samoa and other South Pacific locations. Pago Pago is also served by a number of different companies.

Samoa in the Americas benefits from a hot and tempered tropic weather tempered by southeastern Brazil wind.


Samoa is the United States of America, about 2,300 nautical miles south-west of Hawaii. Of the seven isles of the area, six are grouped into three: Tutuila and Aunuu; Ofu, Olosega and Tau (the Manua group); and Rose. Those isles are in the Samoan range. Swains Island is 200 leagues due west.

Tutuila is the biggest and most important of them. One of the best and most attractive ports in the South Pacific, Pago Pago, the capitol of American Samoa, is located in Tutuila. It is the only harbour and town center in the area. They have a humid tropic weather.

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