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Come and visit Auckland

Be it exploring the rainforest, dining in wine country or escaping to an island, there are so many ways to enjoy your weekend in Auckland. As the third largest city in the world, Auckland is considered a flourishing multicultural centre for cuisine, music, art and culture. I' d like to talk about Auckland. Wellington is the capital if you could only visit one. Begin your tour of Auckland by visiting one of the most important places in Auckland.

Do you need more excitement for your New Zealand vacation?

Auckland is the third largest town in the whole wide globe and a flourishing multicultural centre for cooking, entertainment, music, arts and civilisation. Think of an urbane setting where everyone can live within half an hours on lovely sandy shores, walking paths and a doze of charming vacation spots. Auckland is more than just a town, it is a whole area full of sights and activities.

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Top 5 Gateways to Visit Auckland | Blog

Lindi, our Australasia product manager and former NZ inhabitant, gives us her top 5 reason to visit the town of Auckland on the North Isle of New Zealand..... Go barefooted on dark vulcanic sandy beach, often with no one else around. Find out more about the islands past as a health resort, visit historical monuments such as the old castle and prison, and stroll along wonderful sandy shores and bushland.

Only 40 minutes by car from Auckland, this is a real adventurer's heaven.

Auckland on a New Zealand tour

Known as the "City of Sails", Auckland has many good reason to go on the high seas - not least to discover the twins' ports, the remote isles and the clear Pacific Ocean. It stretches over a vibrant igneous countryside that is best enjoyed by first-class viewpoints such as historical One Tree Hill or the rotating Sky Tower canteen.

It also offers architectonic delights, fine ginger-bread cottages and impressive administrative structures amidst sparkling contemporary glassworkers. Capturing and refractive the clear water of the port, the town seems to shine. Probably your gate to New Zealand, Auckland is certainly a few short get-togethers to explore the vibrant mixture of the biggest town in the Polyneas.

Auckland has a wide range of cultural and leisure opportunities. Maori and Auckland Museum are well worth a visit as an introductory visit to New Zealand, its past and Maori people. Part of New Zealand's attraction is the inviting, integrative way of transforming the travelling world. In New Zealand you can not only see the sailboats from afar, but also enjoy the excitement of cruising on one of the quickest full-size race marinas, the NZL40.

Auckland is also host to the New Zealand Boat Show and a host of other festivities and sports activities. Whilst lively fairs and exquisite stores are rewarding the town' s leisure activities, the off-shore islets and the many hibiscus coast shores are always worth exploring.

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