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Find out why Albertans love Maui's relaxed island feeling. Booking your trip today and get the lowest prices for the best package deals from Toronto to Maui. I' m used to booking a flight/hotel package. Have a look at our Maui Hotel packages. There are great deals on inter-island, national and international flights, hotel and car packages.

Holidays in Maui

Maui, Hawaii's second biggest isle with some of the most picturesque nature miracles in the whole country, has been chosen by Conde Nast as the best in the last 17 years. There are five districts on the archipelago with many different attractions. Travelling to the Upcountry Maui area on a holiday in Haleakala, you ride 10,000 ft from ocean floor to Maui's highest summit in Haleakala National Park in just 37 mile.

Visiting the West Maui area, strolling along the seaside and enjoying the pulsating city of Lahaina for dinner and entertain. Take one of the most beautiful trips in the East Maui area of the globe and drive to the small, unspoilt city of Hana along the coastline.

View Maui's most famous symbol, the 1,200 feet long Lao Needle, in Lao Valley State Park in the Central Maui area. Chill out at Makena Bay, also known as Big Bay, the biggest in Maui, or go and watch whales in the South Maui area. From our range of Australia Holidays, New Zealand Holiday Packages, Tahiti Holiday Packages, one of our Fiji Estates or perhaps a Cook Island Holiday.

Holiday packages vs. book your own hotel/flight price - Maui Message Board

The WestJet is one of the best hotels in the world. There are some great offers available that are much less than book your own WestJet fare and then book a property through the hotel's website. I' m just curious if there are any drawbacks to making a parcel. Will you be taken care of if you book a room with a wholesale dealer and not through the hotels themselves?

When checking in, I think there would be some kind of note/info if it were posted directly or through a third person. Would you like to take a break and make a reservation through the room pack in the class I would like, or do you still think it is best to make a reservation directly with the city?

the WestJet parcel. It clearly shows who it has been posted about, the categories, etc. There can be quite a quandary when it comes to renting a particular real estate........ Concerning the packages, I don't think I've ever made one in over 20 years.... before the web, and before the whole travel industry has opened up to the discerning traveler.

Now you' re mentioning a significant savings through a WestJet reservation.... and that's hard to miss. They could ask the WestJet people. I' ve already made a Disneyland reservation, not Maui with Alaska Airlines. If that' s what they say, I would suggest taking out a trip policy when you book a way out.

This is the first I' ve ever stayed in a room through Expedia. Besides, our buck fell like mad, and I wanted to make a reservation, and I wanted to do it now! Now, we got to the motel in doubt and I asked for a room to stay quietly. Snorkellady. Thank you for pointing me in the direction of our trip policy. After all, I don't like booking something that isn't reimbursable, I've done it before and it makes you perspire a little.

I' m reclining towards separate fare and accommodation as there would be a little more flexible with modifying /canceling any. There is no obligation to buy it from the carrier or the parcel vendor. Because of my room... no, I didn't even ask to be transferred. and I have the TD Travel Visa Infinite credit cardhold.

However, medical coverage is only valid for trips of up to 16 day. We' ve had to call off WestJet flight cancellations before, and they were really useful. When my man couldn't leave, they prolonged the date for us.

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