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Mare is the largest city in the region Maramure? Nagybánya, German new town, town, capital of Maramure? jude? (county), Northwest Romania. Discover Baia Mare holiday and discover the best time and places to visit.

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Baia Mare, one of Romania's most important mines, can look back on more than 2,000 years of experience in the production of metal in the form of precious and non-ferrous minerals. It was first documented in 1329 and has kept its mediaeval past around the town's central plaza, Piata Libertatii. Above the plaza rises the Gothic 120-foot watch tower, the Stephansturm (Turnul Luc Stefan), which covers six hundred years of the city.

There is a marsh reservation spanning the hill with a view of Baia Mare. The most northerly site of Castanea sativa in Europe. A further place, Piata Izvoarelor, is home to the most important grocery store in Baia Mare. Tues - Sun: 10:00-17:00 WebsiteBaia Mare Museum Facebook page The Museum of Fine Arts, housed in a listed edifice from 1784, contains a repository of works of art representing Maramures' history from the end of the 1800' to the present day.

It has a constant picture gallery showing works by Baia Mare Schule as well as precious modern Rumanian and Western works. From 10.00 - 17.00 h wwww.MaramuresMuzeu. ro In the Baroque, 18 th cent. treasury house the famous Baroque style introduces the most important mines of the area.

Maramures wood buildings are on show. It is an ideal base for the many maramures region's rich heritage and nature, overlooked by a mountainous and gentle hilly area. The Gutai Ignis nature preserve, the wood chapel in Surdesti and Plopis, Dan Les's pottery in Baia Sprie are all within 20 Mare.

Mountains Gutai, Lapus, Tibles Maramures and Rodnei are crossed by passports such as Huta, Gutai, Prislop, Setref and Botiza. Patras' home in the town is now a charming muse. Maramures' wooden churches are unparalleled in form and decoration and eight of them - in Barsana, Budesti, Desesti, Ieud, Plopis, Poienile Izei, Rogoz and Surdesti - have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Maramures' typical high rooftops and high, slender, pointed church towers are often referred to together as the Gothic style. Indoors the church was decorated by native painters, often juxtaposing Bible settings with the intimate countryside of the town. The majority of these temples have been standing since the seventeenth and eighteenth century - some even longer.

Maramures oldest wood cathedral is the one on the hill in Ieud, which was built in 1364. For more information about the wood churches of Maramures, please come and see us: Accommodation guide online. Emailwwwww.baiamareairport. ro Baia Mare is operated by daily non-stop flight from/to Bucharest. From Bucharest to Baia Mare via E60 - E576 - El58 - 1C: From Budapest to Baia Mare via E71 - El58 - 1C: From Baia Mare to:

There are trains to Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj, Constanta (only in summer), Satu Mare, Sighisoara and some other towns in Romania every day. Baia Mare and Suceava are not directly connected by rail. For domestic transport: For sailings from/to Bucharest, please choose Bucharest North. The Baia Mare SNCFR ticketing centre provides information on trains and passes for later use.

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