Waiyevo Taveuni Fiji

Vaiyevo Taveuni Fiji

Waiyevo, Taveuni Island West, Fiji. Strandhotel in Taveuni Island West with outdoor pool, restaurant. Browse home > Pacific Hotels > Fiji Hotels > Taveuni Island Hotels > Waiyevo Hotels Fiji Destinations Top Destinations in Fiji: Fiji, Nakia Resort & Dive. Souther Tavueni Taveuni Island, Fiji Islands.

Windsurfing in Fiji

Offering world-class Fiji islands Taveuni, Fiji and Taveuni as well as top -notch tour and package deals, from taster dives to Divemasters. For very small groups of never more than 6 people per cruise, we can ensure the most individual aquatic adventure in Fiji.

Join us for snorkelling or scuba divers to see why the Cousteau Fiji people call Fiji the "soft corals capitol of the world" and why Scuba Diver Magazine has consistently ranked Taveuni Divesites among the world's top ten. At Taveuni we ensure the most secure, complete, satisfying and unforgettable snorkelling, scuba and windsurfing experience.

Taveuni Fiji Paradise

The paradise is about an hours drive from the international airports. Allen and Terry Gorton own Paradise Resort and Spa, who are across the street with their adopted boy and girl, who you may see at the weekends. While the valleys have got a ventilation system, we only turned it on a few during our 16-night sojourn - and could have lived only with the roof-fans.

While you can buy a la-carte ticket, most parcels come with a catering itinerary. The luncheon was a course and the supper two course. There' s an upgraded 2-course pack for luncheon and 4-course pack for supper, but our pack was more than I wanted to have. Noon is ordered from a menue at breakfasts and has options that includes a lettuce, noodles, a curry, a slice of bread, usually a morsel of the morning and a speciality - or you could opt from starters.

Supper is ordered for midday and there are one or two options for the first course, the second course and the entree and desert. As we only pay for 2 aisles, my man and I usually shared either first or second aisle, have our own entrée and then split the canapés.

There is a Fiji evening once a month where supper is cooked on rock. With the help of the guest, the personnel prepares feathered cages for cattle, chickens and pigs, which are placed on bankana leafs over warm stones together with tarot and casba. People are sitting at long desks under the star (I've never seen so many) when the climate allows it or at the Oceanfront Restaurant.

Dancer appear between classes. After supper there is a cava-festival. It is the Fiji Islands' tradition and can give you a light kick. The majority of package deals for pairs includes a 4-course "romantic dinner". I' m having a hard time having two dishes at supper, and we never got around to it.

The majority of packs also contain spas combined with an active days. It was run by Mark, who registered for 6 month, which will end before Christmas. Salote, Christina and William are very good Fiji diving instructors who will most likely be there for a long while. Mark will probably be substituted by another diving teacher, but Allen can always intervene as needed.

It' used to fish, transport snorkellers to a privately owned sandy spot and to collect those paying separately for this type of services, as well as for scuba divers. Once, after our first dives, we drove about an hours across the rugged ocean to Sulu Bay to collect a few of our guest who arrived an hours too late, then another hours to our second site and at 15:00 back to the reserve for a very late noon.

Twice (in our 10 dives days) we stopped snorkelling, which did not cause any great discomfort, except for the fact that the waters got rougher and we had to go back to take them to another place before our second dives. The Rainbow Reef with its 21 designated divesites is the major tourist attractions of the Somosomo Straits between Taveuni and Vanua Levu.

It will list a $80 Fijian gas supplement for just one Diver going to Rainbow Red ($40 Fijian aa for 2 or more?) if there are less than 7 people. During the best time of the year the guide will observe the tides and streams to see the White Wall and Purple Wall.

It' s common to do two mornings diving at Rainbow Red and go back to the dive centre for noon. There is not much of the colour of the rainbow on the housereef, but in a westerly direction at about 50 ft there are at least 3 blue ribbon eel and at almost the same spot we saw 3 foliage and a few transparent shrimps.

You can see squids and squids during the overnight dives. At first it is one and a half hours to the other side of the isle ( (2/3 on the unpaved road). This coastline hike is beautiful, but lasts about an hours and a half, with the last part leading up to a beautiful splash.

After half an hours or more in the pools we climbed up a smaller waterfall to be ejected into the pools. When we went back to the truck for one and a half hours for dinner, it was 3:00 o'clock and my leg and foot felt it.

The last stop was at the water slide, but as there was a dryness in the middle and southaveuni that could have been overridden. For at least an hours it was very precipitous, but it was rewarding. As we had come to the garden before it was actually opened, we had the swimmingpool all by our selves for about half an hours.

Bombardier: The place is nice, the personnel couldn't be better, but I don't think "out of the way" is really a win. I' m wondering if a place that' s nearer to Rainbow and accessible with less gravel might have been better - but if you look at the online prices for another very favorite place, it seems we've been saving at least $150/day at the Paradise with its finite 2 for 1 feature.

We also had some good diving at Vuna Reef, which may not be accessible to other major dive sites. I' d suggest to move to a nearby resortfor the last few nights to drive Buoma and Lavena at a slower speed without driving so much on unpaved highways.

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