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The Sukkur district (Sindhi: ???? ?

??), (Urdu: ???? ?????), is a district in Sindh province in Pakistan. Activities in Sukkur, Pakistan: Succure: Succure, city, province Sindh, southeast Pakistan. Receive the Sukkur weather forecast. Formerly Aror and Bakhar, Sukkur is Sindh's third largest city on the western bank of the Indus.

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The Sukkur County (Sindhi: ???? ), (Urdu: ???? ?????), is a county in Sindh Province in Pakistan. There are 5 layers of administration (tehsils), namely: Sukkurity, New Sukur, Rohri, Saleh Pat and Pano Aqil. Including them Sukkur town and new Sukkur are municipal center, while Pano Aqil is renowned for being one of the biggest canton of the country's war.

It is the smallest part of Sukkur region, both in terms of area and inhabitants, but it has an important rail-knot. Shikarpur 1977 and Ghotki 1993 were separated from the town. YearPop. % p.a. YearPop. % p.a. According to the 1998 survey, the distribution of the populace by religious belief is as follows:

District count of Sukkur 1998. Release of the official German Population Enumeration. Islamabad: Population Control Organization, Statistics Department, Government of Pakistan.

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