Can you Visit Molokai

Do you have a visit to Molokai?

Molokai, where we can still go out and not be afraid. There are no fast-food chains, no elevators, no traffic lights or crowds. In order to show my gratitude, I offer you a discount the next time you visit Molokai and my apartment.

The guide to the most beautyful island of Hawaii

Situated just eastwards of Oahu, Molokai provides an unrestricted view of the state's wildlife, unspoilt shores, clear waters and above all undisturbed loneliness. At the Molokai there are no traffic lights. Less than 7,500 inhabitants are living here, and fewer visit Molokai in a year than Maui in a whole months.

The Halawa Bay, on the eastern bank of the isle, is an example of the empty splendour of the place. The Molokai is often referred to as the most beautiful of the island in Hawaii. Anakala ( "uncle") Pilipo Sartorio, the oldest inhabitant of the secluded Halawa valley, says that this has saved the mana or ancestor. Sartorio - whose ancestors are deeply rooted in the city' s past - tells the visitor about Hawaii.

It is only one of many Molokai cascades, but it is probably the most open one. To visit the cascades, you will have to organize a walk through one of the few tourist facilities. Although it can be expensive, the half-hearted walk meanders through the Halawa valley, where the stonewalls and old tarot patios provide a view of Molokai's oldest town.

At the foot of the waterfalls, the swimming pools offer a wonderful break after your trip. The north coast of the isle is mostly sheer. Kalaupapa peninsula is Molokai's most popular symbol. Although the landscape is notable, the former leprosy settlement attracts the most people. More than 340 sq. m. of coral, the United States' biggest fringe coral sanctuary, is adjacent to Molokai's southern coast.

Whilst the currents and breezes can cause problems for scuba diver, there is usually at least one place to visit, says Tim Forsberg, the master and owner of Molokai Dive and Forsberg. Kalohi Channel between Lanai and Molokai just foams with moguls. You can see the large, whitish splatters of gaps from almost everywhere on the southern side of the isle.

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