South Cook Islands

The Southern Cook Islands

The Samoa Islands to Southern Cook Islands,NU nautical chart is included in the nautical charts of the South West Pacific. The northern Cook Islands have fairly constant temperatures all year round, while in the. Rarotonga's reaction of the ocean lithosphere to volcanic island loads was investigated for the southern Cook Islands. There are two groups of Cook Islands - the northern Cook Islands and the southern Cook Islands. We' re the first people in the South Pacific to try to exterminate it.


Snowflakes? I' ve recently come back from a great holiday in the Bay Islands, but I've seen an overwhelming amount of sandfly bite (even though I've been busy with repellents). In view of my response to the bite, I am reluctant to go to places with these evil beetles. Snowflakes? Snowflakes? Seriously, I never had a trouble with mosquitoes on Raro.

I found that insecticides work better with mosquitoes than sand flies. Snowflakes? When you refer to the Bay Islands Honduras, I have to say that they had the wonder of the sandfly issue that I have seen all over the globe! I' m usually the one who finds the beetles and gets the most pain.

We' re going back to Raro for the fourth year in April and the shortage of sand flies is one of the reason why we really like it. Mosquitoes have never been so severe (but we are from N. Ontario Canada), I always sprayed my knuckles with off around the hour of sundown and when I plan to eat outside near the shore.

Sandflies? Yeah, I was talking about the Bay Islands, Honduras. After spending a whole weekend on Roatan, we didn't have too many problems, but then we stayed 3 days on Utila and got a lot of bite. Sandflies? Sandflies?

almerston Island

The only way to Palmerston Island is by ferry, Air Raro does not operate there. Unfortunately the boatservice is not frequent and it would take about 3 working nights until you are up there. Any particular occasion you'd like to come to Palmerston? I' m sure I can try to find out when a vessel should go up there, but there are no warranties on certain times, as the timetable can be altered due to the bad conditions or for many other and more.

When you want to see some of the outlying islands, you are better off choosing those that are served by Air Rarotonga on a regular basis.

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