Vanuatu Holidays 2017

The Vanuatu Holidays 2017

Wed, February 21, Father-Lini Day, holiday. Mon, March 5th, Customs Day, holiday. Vanuatu has to visit the busy Mamas fruit and vegetable market. The next dive against debris is Saturday, February 4, 2017.

Medical Conference Vanuatu 21

Looking for an extraordinary international healthcare event in 2017? An extraordinary land? An extraordinary programme? In an extraordinary place? Meet extraordinary collegues? In an extraordinary resort? Gold Coast Medical Association (GCMA) and Vanuatu Medicinal and Dental Association (VMDA) will be bringing you our common health convention at Warwick Le Lagon Resort, Port Vila from Thursday 21st to Saturday 23rd September 2017.

Vanuatu is the Pacific Islands capitol, with a long and tragic past that goes back over 3,000 years. On Thursday night, September 21, the programme of the meeting will begin with a traditionally opening ceremonial and welcome by a soldier. On Friday, the academic programme will begin with a "high-profile" panel meeting to discuss Vanuatu's healthcare needs for the time being.

This is followed by a series of concurrent meetings on clinic subjects of interest to clinic staff of all disciplines (see programme detail on the website of the meeting - see below). We have a renowned department of Australia and NiVan-speaker. Friday night will include live performances of the NiVan Medical Chapel - The Stethoscopes!

Saturday morning's programme includes three workshop and visit to the hospital and hospitals in Port Vila. On Saturday mornings, the Institute of Australasian Psychiatrists holds its Annual General Assembly and its Psychiatry Forum. It will be held at the 5-star Warwick Le Lagon Resort - the leading resort and convention centre in Vanuatu.

We' ve arranged extremely low room prices with the resorts for our meetings. Booking your accomodation now on our website (see below) to ensure these competitive prices. We meet during the September holidays in Australia. So, why not connect this event with a vacation for your Vanuatuis. Efate Island Vanuatu's touristic attractions are: the Vanuatu Museum in Port Vila, swimming in the Blue Lagoon, snorkelling among the reefs on Hideaway Island, a night of culture in the Secret Garden, a stroll through the Mele Cascadesfall, and more,

Float with the tortoises on Congoola Cruise and head to Roi Mata Cave from Havana harbour, take the Lelepa Iceland trip, play a game of gulf at Port Vila Country Club and soak up the endless golden sand that surrounds the isle. Farther away you can go to Espiritu Santos to see the Millennium Cave and the wreck diving of the war ships, or to Tanna Iceland to see the most open to the public Mt. Yasur as well.

Pentecostal Island to see the pristine home of dressage bungyumping! You are invited to participate in this event. You' ll be able to connect with outstanding NiVan counterparts and other Australian, New Zealand and Pacific States. It is an occasion to help the career of our Pacific Island health care fellowship.

We' re looking forward to meet you in Port Vila in September! You are kindly requested to log in to our website: The full enrollment (including the full science programme and all public events) costs only AUD$325 for Aussie dean. This website contains the programme of the event, the application and reservation forms for accomodation. We published this article on 14. August 2017 at 14:34 o'clock.

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