Accommodation Oban Stewart Island

Lodging Oban Stewart Island

Oban, the most important (and only) city, offers a variety of accommodation such as holiday homes, B&B's, lodges, motels and backpackers. Booking Stewart Island Lodge, Stewart Island on TripAdvisor: Cocoa Retreat Stewart Island, Oban, New Zealand. On the search for another accommodation. One speaks of comfortable accommodations and birds.

Stewart Island's main accommodation.

Stewart Island's primary lodging. Just 2 min on foot from the restaurant, hotels, ferry terminals and stores. A two minute stroll from the major shipping pier, where you can go kiwi or angling in the evenings, shop, cafes and the South Seas Hotell (famous for its Sunday trivia and the bluefish!).

Gold Bay is 10 minute walking across the hills. You can take a boat to Ulva Island Bird Sanctury, where you can hike through the breathtaking jungle. The island of Ulva is home to a number of unique birdlife including Saddlebird, Yellowhead, Weka, Kivi and Common Rotkehlchen (guide optional).

Stewart Island Apartments & Hotels | Rakiura Retreat

The Rakiura Residence is your starting point as you explore the marvels of Stewart Island with its unspoilt sandy shores, vast rainforests, unparalleled fauna and amazing walk. Awesome place, nice landscape, so peacefully, dear to the avifauna. It is a great place to escape from the scrub, enjoy lovely strolls and an even better birdlife, especially on Ulva Island.

It is a nice island with kind and supportive souls. Shrubs, beachfowl. Have had a nice and relaxing holiday on Stewart Island. The Rakiura Retreat will be a reminder of past vacations. Reserve an appartment and benefit from the exclusivity of a vehicle during your visit. Bushwalk, cruise the coast, go on a Kiwifruit trip, have a dinner in the local restaurants and return home in comfort after the night.

Go on a trip and discover one of the 20,000 kiwis of the island or plunge into the depths for your shellfish special. For Stewart Island, everything you need to be your New Zealand special. Indulge your fishing outdoors on the barbecue decks with a view of the cove.

Stewart Island Rakiura Lodge is self-service.

Rakiura, the Maori name for Stewart Island, means "land of the blazing sky". Everybody asks what's best on the island and there's a lot to do like angling, canoeing, walking, kiwispotting and cruises in Paterson Inlet. An excursion to Ulva Island is a must if you are on the island.

Birdlife is plentiful and the island of Ulva is within a short distance on foot. You can take a boat taxi from Golden Bay, 15 minutes on foot from the chalet, or a boat trip in the bay starting from the quays. The Ulva Goodwillie is available for hikes to Ulva Island.

I' m here to help you book lodges and all your queries about activities such as angling, kiwifishing, kayaking on the island and to get you in contact with the right group. All your queries about the Iodge. I' m looking forward to meet you at Rakiura Lamb.

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