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Map of Kauai, Kauai topography, Kauai altitude, Kauai relief, United States, Hawaii, Kauai County, natural features. Download Unit E Na Pali Kona FR Hono O Na Pali NAR, map. Unity E Na Pali Kona FR Alakai WP, download map. The Kauai Snorkel & Scuba Dive Map shows you where to go for your marine activities. Find out more about Poipu Beach with a map of the best beaches and resorts in Kauai.

Thimbers Kauai Map

At Kukii Point and at the first address by the sea at H?k?ala is Timbers Kaua'i - Ocean Club & Residences. Speak spectacularly in every way, the attitude is absolutely sea front, right on the course and with stunning view at dawn to sundown. Timbers' characteristic conveniences are here - Pacific fringe inflinity swimming pool, sunny morning session and spa programmes with integral insular practice, our Keiki Adventure Club for youth and, always, merciful services that is the heart of alloha.

Favourite 10 Kauai Strands (with map)

When you are on holiday in Kauai, you may want to know where the top 10 Kauai is. Odds are you'll be hanging around the shore a while. We' ve got the prefect mixture of hidden bays and vast areas of great natural beauties. Every one has its own distinctive personality and charms, which means that somewhere out there is the best one.

Here is a short listing of the best Kauai beach from a local's point of view. For us this means to participate in the beauties and magicalness of Kauai's sands. The Kauai Beach has very powerful current, wave and tide. Tunnel - Haena State Park is located at the far west end of the North Shore.

This is a small cove with flat waters, ideal for snorkelling in the hot summers, and an ideal place for surfing in the cold. Even though this is an area that can be overcrowded, there is a bottom - the radiant turquoise waters look breathtaking in contrast to the radiant whitish sands.

Hanelei-Ke'e Beaches A trip to Kauai is not perfect unless you take a walk along the Hanalei Stran. Regardless of the season and meteorological condition, an offshoring site will protect the water near the shoreline so that this sandy spot always offers shelter. AnyaHola - This is a big but small sandy spot, which is why it is a favourite of the locals.

Kéalia - This sandy area can have a very violent flow, so please consult a lifeguard before going out. Maha'ulepu Beache-Maha'ulepu is at the end of a very rough gravel track, which means that many folks don't go there. There is an off-shore shore wall that prevents big swells from reaching the beaches, making Maha'ulepu a great seaside resort.

The Shipwreck Beach - Shipwreck's is a great meeting place for local people, and you will often find a wearable barbecue or two on the park's pick nickers. Many sun worshippers come together on the beach to unwind and observe the surfers' show on one of the best surfing South Cauai.

The Pakala - This spot is a favourite for windsurfers, but the beaches are also a great place to spent an afternoons, even if you don't do it. Whatever the daytime, you will be able to relax on the beaches and in the surrounding area. Wai-waimea Bay - entrance through the eastern part of Russia - Waimea Bay is probably the most beautiful sandy Kauai coast.

It is a must and the most beautiful beaches of Kauai have it to provide. Situated 2 mile from the sea, it connects to the baying sand for another 15 mile in one way, and one end is suddenly interrupted by the solid rocks of the Na Pali coast. It is a favourite holiday spot for local people, especially those with 4×4 lorries who like to drive directly on the shore.

When you are on a holiday with your families, have a look at our top 5 family-friendly beaches on Kauai.

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