The Kaua'i Museum in the heart of the city of Lihu'e mainly carries locally produced products by artists here on Kaua'i Island. Kaua`i, the oldest and fourth largest of the eight main islands of Hawaii, is over five million years old and a place of extraordinary landscapes. Kaua'i is the fourth largest island in the Hawaiian chain and, like the rest of the state, a tropical jewel in the middle of the Pacific. The complete Kaua'i list can be found here. Receive the Kaua weather forecast.

Geo-chemical procurement of basaltic artefacts from Kaua'i, Hawaiian Islands

EDXRF of 807 basaltic artefacts and 34 basaltic ecfacts obtained from layered middes in Nu'alolo Kai, Kaua'i, are reported. EDXRF analysis of 473 pebble alluvials from Waimea Canyon, 34 from Kaua'i Museum and geochemistry for Kaua'i basaltic samples will be used.

Most of the moulds, such as adze, chisel and mirror, are made from materials not available from Nu'alolo Kai. While most adze and chisel are in agreement with springs available elsewhere in Kaua'i, two levels of bassite are outside the anticipated Kaua'i geochemistry area. On the other hand, at Nu'alolo Kai almost all useful moulds were made of bass.

The results of the study supported the establishment of an island-wide system for the marketing of adult materials in Kaua'i and challenged existing Hwaiian economic model prior to exposure to investigate the mechanism by which specialised raw materials were manufactured and dispersed.

Georg Prince Tamoree of Kaua'i and Ni'ihau

The Kaumualii native of Kaua'i in 1798, Kaua'i and Ni'ihau's kings, was first known as Humehume. At six, the US vessel Hazard moored off Waimea. He wanted his boy to be formally trained and trusted him to the master. In January 1904 George Prince Tamoree crossed the Orient to America and reached Rhode Island in June 1805 after one and a half years at sea.

Since he was eight years old, the young emperor had been living with a number of family. Georges has written a number of home deeds about his adventure filled with a suggestion for him to visit West Point. In October 1819, the Emperor was sailing as an independant pilot with the pioneering troop of Lutheran missionsaries.

They travelled to Waimea, Kaua'i, where his dad welcomed them happy. Both Kaua'i and Ni'ihau had been transferred to the Kamehameha line by his sire. George carried out an in vain insurrection against the Kaua'i chieftains after his father's murder, and in 1826 this young man with great talents passed away fromflu.

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