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Inhabitants of Niihau

Entrance is FREE for Kaua i & Ni ihau residents every Saturday. The people of Niihau are angry about the new rat eradication plan. The Niihau and Na Pali coasts: Inhabitants of Niihau, DLNR-DAR (Kauai, Oahu) and DOH-CWB (Kauai).

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Yes, as I said, you really can't go to Ni'ihau Isle - unless there was a chopper firm that would end up on a limited strand - don't know if they still do - hasn't seen it lately. You will be taken to Lehua Rock, near Ni'ihau for snorkelling.

And I don't think the "big-deer hunt " continues - they bought wildlife from the former Moloka'i ranch and asked for a lot of cash to get them to come by and kill them - because most of them know what I think of them... I don't want to discuss that at all.

Ni'ihau residents value their'aina (land) and defend it from outcasts. Robinson's were good administrators of the Isles Ofimo.

Incident in Niihau

When a Curtiss P-36A struck Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, a Hiryu Zero from Japan was struck and touched down on the secluded Niihau 130 northeast of Honolulu. Shigenori Nishikaichi, the Hawaiian-born Howard Kaleohano, one of the inhabitants of the Robinson family's home, helped the flight out of his car.

Then he was taken to Yoshio Harada, an US national whose parent was from Japan, who sympathised with the driver and chose to help him. Stealing a scattergun from the town, they took a gun and the machineguns and ammunition from the crushed Zero, but Ben Kanahele, a local Hwaiian shepherd, ordered them to give up their arms.

He fired Kanahele three shots, but the great Hawaiian, known for his skill, took the pilots and thrown them against a brick partition, then cut his throats with a slasher. Janahele recuperated from his injuries and received the Medal of Merit and the Purple Heart in 1945. In a January 1942 Navy document, the fact that the Niihau residents of Japan had helped the pilots was mentioned as proof of "the probability that Japan's residents who previously thought they could help the United States".

Niihau incident. The 127th S. Pacific Aviation Museum on Ford Island, Honolulu.

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