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Five Friday interviews with Karen Hughes, Hawaii Visitor & Convention Bureau Re-designed agents.gohawaii.com website provides a range of cutting-edge features and compelling contents and provides a resource of ideas for planning a Hawaii holiday, says Karen Hughes, VP, Meet Hawaii and Travel Industry Partnerships, Hawaii Visitor & Convention Bureau. 1 ) The Hawaii Visitor & Convention Bureau recently started a new online promotion for the first timers to the world.

What is the unused upside when it comes to Canadians who haven't been to Hawaii yet? While' Let Hawaii Happen' is primarily aimed at US travelers, we also reach travelers throughout Canada with this brand. As 99% of our Canada guests rate their Hawaii holidays with top marks and almost all of these guests also say that they are very likely to refer Hawaii to their loved ones, there is a great chance to include those who have already been to the island in HVCB's efforts to raise the number of first-time-timers.

2 ) What are the latest numbers from Canada to Hawaii and do you see growing from CEE? Over 523,000 Canadians came to Hawaii in 2014, an 1.3% rise over the same quarter last year. The 2014 provisional Hawaii Tourism Authority Canada attendance does not reflect any local outbreaks in the area.

3 ) Travelers may think Hawaii's major isles are quite similar, but in fact the mood on everyone is quite different. What would you say about Hawaii, Maui, Lanai, Kauai and Molokai? While there are many similar characteristics on the Islands of Hawaii, each has its own unique character and attraction.

In Honolulu, the state capitol and a pulsating, metropolitan center of global trade, people can find a wide range of great places for buying, eating and entertaining, but they can also flee to the state if they wish. From the refinement of two Four Seasons Resorts on the one hand to the rustic charms of Hotel Lanai on the other, Lanai is the ideal place for a remote holiday.

There is a small squares and only 30 kilometres of asphalted streets throughout the whole country instead of skyscrapers, hanging baskets, and malls. It is appealing to those who are looking for a flavour of a more rustic way of living or what many call'old Hawaii'. Here holiday-makers can savour the easier joys of living - unspoilt nature, unspoilt shores, no stoplight and a major street connecting the two ends of the isle.

Some of Hawaii's most famous landmarks are the valley, gold beach, wooded hills, meadows and open plain, among them the legendary whale-catching city of Lahaina, the world's biggest resting vulcano in Haleakala Crater, the curvy street that leads to the picturesque Hana, and the beautiful sandy beach of Kaanapali Beach.

The biggest of the Hawaii islands and still expanding, the visitor of the islands should be ready for an advent. It is home to all but two of the world's climate zones and offers a variety of inspirational scenery from the rainforest, vulcanic desert, dark and sandy whitewater that can be discovered from the ground, the ocean or the skies.

4 ) Hawaii is a couples' heaven, but there is also so much for family. So what are some of the main sales arguments for Hawaiian family? Family loves Hawaii because there's something for everyone. Lovely sandy areas, outdoors adventures, history, art and architecture, shops, golf and spa - all in the immediate vicinity of the most important resort and destination on each isle.

One thing that really makes a Hawaii holiday something different is the unbelievable, unscheduled times that a family can spend sharing if they just let Hawaii do it. An unbelievably wealthy tourist resort with a cultural heritage, tradition and experience unparalleled anywhere else in the word. 5 ) How canadian travel agencies inform themselves about Hawaii as a travel location and a profitable sales channel?

Hawaii Visitor and Convention Bureau has created a new and enhanced website specifically for travel pros (agents.gohawaii.com). Visit the HAWAIAN ISLAND's Travel Agent Resource Center, a great way for travel agent to find out more about the destinations and the many aspects that characterize each of them. This redesigned website offers a range of cutting-edge utilities, compelling contents and a resource of ideas for planning a Hawaii holiday.

Travel pros have always been at the forefront of the design lifecycle because we recognize that businesses are done around the clock, inside and outside the agency. As well as the website, which offers improved selling and merchandising capabilities, we have launched the new multi-modular Public Hawaiiination Specialist (HDS) program, which is easy to access from a computer, tray and smart phone.

We encourage agencies who graduate from Ke Kula or Hawaii to refresh their specialization, take this chance to receive invaluable selling advice, new information and revive their love of Hawaii. Travelling pros are important to us and extend our range of our advertising.

As we know, our new website will help them to be effective vendors and sponsors of Hawaii. It has traveled to more than 50 different places and is one of its favorite places of interest in Hong Kong, Jerusalem, the Swiss Alps and the Galapagos Islands.

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