Hanalei Kauai

Kauai Hanalei

Beautiful Kauai town recovers after a flood and attracts visitors again. If you are staying on the north shore of Kauai, Hanalei must be on your list of destinations. What time would you like to stay at Hanalei Bay Resort?

Kauai (Hanalei Bay) - 2018 Everything you need to know before you go (with photos)

No big surfing sand, very flat swells that fall on the sand in some places. From the pier you can dive into the wonderful clear waters that look as if they had been drawn in quicks!

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Hanalei could almost have been transformed into a paradise for vacation islands. The breathtaking beaches, mountains and fantastic meteorological features mean you want to enjoy most of your holidays outside. Hanalei cove has nice sand and sand.

The Hanalei sandy beaches are ideal for lounging or participating in local sand sports and swimming in clear, hot water. Often the windsurfing environment is ideal, local people and tourists are equally enthusiastic. Hanalei's jetty is very important for the city's cultural life and is used for angling as well as for societal and music events.

Hanalei TownThe small city of Hanalei is known for its devotion to the Kauai Island's rich cultural and historical heritage. Sculptures made by needy logs from domestic timber are included in his artistic gallery and many of them are offered for sale as a souvenir. Waioli Mission House and Waioli Church date back to the first half of the 19th millennium and were founded by Christians in Kauai from the US-Mountain.

Liberty of your apartment also allows you to taste the typical dishes of the islands in the city' typical restaurant.

Centre Hanalei, Kauai

Hanalei Center on the northern bank of Kauai is not like the traditional fashionable retail centres or commercial centres. There are a few historic houses (including the Old Hanalei School) that have been restored and converted into shops and cafes. The Hanalei Center's picturesque and one-of-a-kind appearance is due to this architectonic outline.

You will find a versatile mix of fashion outlets, fine arts galeries, specialist outlets, clothing outlets and dining establishments. The Hanalei Shop offers snorkelling equipment, windsurfing equipment, surfwear and Boogieboards. In the Hanalei Center there is also the Yellowfish Trading Company. For those of you who are a gym enthusiast, come to the Hanalei Center's recently constructed two-story contemporary facility and take a gym class at the Hanalei Yoga Group.

In Papayas, which is also in the new premises, you can buy your healthy food. The Hanalei Center offers a large selection of food outlets and restaurant - from Java Kai to Hanalei Gourmet and Bubba's Burger.

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