Kauai area

The Kauai area

The east coast of Kauai is the busiest part of the island, where most inhabitants live. Here is a breakdown of Cauai's four main areas:. The Lihue Airport (LIH) is the main airport of Kauai, a small terminal approached from Hawaiian. Kauai, Poipu and Koloa's southern shore is rich in activities that will appeal to the "doer" in you. I' m planning to visit Kauai either in July or at the end of September and I have no idea where I should stay in Kauai.

The best accommodation in Kauai - Kauai Message Board

We' re planing a visit to Kauai in May. Firstly - in search of proposals for the best area to be able to travel by bus, on foot or by cab. We may also delete postings that do not comply with our policies, and we retain the right to delete any posted contribution for any cause.

We--we adore the northern bank. We' re staying in Princeville. There is Princeville on a cliff, so no proper sandy spot within walk from here (unless you are staying near Sealodge). You' re probably gonna need a ride all over Kauai. Situated on the northern bank, you are only a brief ride from some of the most beautiful sandy spots you have ever seen.

You ask here, everyone will say Kauai is their favourite, it's mine! I like the lofts notion. We may also delete postings that do not comply with our policies, and we retain the right to delete any posted contribution for any cause. The Kauai is not a taxi or a means of transport for the tourist.

The best place to spend the night? Lainey, you can certainly be on the northern bank in February, but I wouldn't be any further out than Princeville. You' re almost certain to see more light on the southern bank.

The Kauai - Accommodation

There are three basic geographical areas on Kauai: Every area has its own peculiarities and advantages. Naturally, you will find nice sandy areas all over Kauai, so don't be worried about the best walks and relaxation on the beach. Although Kauai is not always saturated with the rains, it still gets a little more than the other islands in Hawaii.

An interesting point is that most of Hawaii's rains fall at nigh. During the rainy season we suggest trips to the east and south banks as described in this article: On Kauai, where you can spend the nights for the best weather. I summarise the advantages and disadvantages of holidays as advantages and disadvantages of the individual large Kauai areas:

You' re really gonna know you' re on Garden Island if you' re staying here. If you are looking for luxuries, you will find Kauai's most prestigious hotels on the St. Regis estate in Princeville. You can find mansions, timeshare and condominiums suitable for every North Coast budge.

  • The north coast tends to get a little more rains than the other parts of the isle. - Kauai's North Shore has big swells in the November-March season, which can make the bathing shores insecure. This is a nice sandy spot near Kapaa on the eastern side of Kauai.

The East Coast is a comfortable, centrally located starting point for tours on the Isle. - There are no great sunsets from the east coast, but you can watch the sunrise. - Most of the East Coast is not floatable. Kalapaki is the most important exemption. The southern bank tends to be sunny and dry all year round.

Wide choice of accommodation - from budget apartments to mid-range and luxurious hotels. and we know how hard it can be to remain on Kauai. On our first journey we had a hard choice between north and southward waters. Perhaps you would like to divide your visit between the two places, as we suggest in this paper.

Here's a checklist of where we have been in Kauai. Back to the Kauai Vacation Guide home page.

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