Things to do and see in Oahu Hawaii

Sights in Oahu Hawaii

Observe the sunrise and sunset. This is Waikiki and Oahu from the top of Diamond Head. Legendary Waikiki Beach is a must if you're on Oahu. Don't miss the old Hawaiian apartment you'll see on the way. If this is the case, visit Kailua Beach or Haunama Bay on Oahu.


Some of the most romantical things in Oahu

<p>Throughout Hawaii, the fragrance of gardenia, luxuriant flora, salt water and beautiful sundowns are a synonym for romanticism. As you lie on the shore and sip your sweet May Tai's, it's definitely romantically, there are so many places and things you can do on Oahu that take the weddin' pie in relation to romantical sights and adventures.

Ad these romance to your route for an unforgettable holiday that you will be talking about for years. This picturesque stop is situated on a mountain passport through the Koolau Mountains, which links one side of Oahu with the other. Strong wind makes it a multi-sensory adventure with breathtaking vistas of the valley, wind coastline and the vast expanse of Pacific water.

Make sure to hang on for a few moments for romance and convenience, as heavy squalls can hit up to 74ph! Have a sumptuous three- or four-course seabreeze meal at La Mer, one of two AAA Five Diamond Dining places on Oahu. Oahu has the most popular sandy beach in Wakiki Beach, although it is only one of six along the Waikiki neighbourhood.

Then walk along the palm-fringed beaches with your hands, bare feet - or just take a seat side by side on a bathrobe - and see one of the most glorious and romantically beautiful sundowns in the canyon. Sail to Hilton Hawaiian Village after sunset and see dramatic firework displays presented every Friday at 7:45 pm. The city of Hawaii is a first-class place for musicians from all over the globe.

The youngest artists are Grammy trumpet player Chris Botti (picture above), Taylor Hicks, WAR, Lives Colour and Manhattan Transfer, as well as top artists such as Jake Shimabukuro, Henry Kapono and Willie K. There are two gigs a day, seven nights a week, so every hour is a good season for a slower danse.

Star of Honolulu has a wide range of ocean voyages, from guided tours to sun set buffets and a show. However, when romanticism is in the sky, you should choose the Five Star Sunday Dining and Jazzy cruising. Watch the sun set with first-class coctails and a jazzy sound track by some of Oahu's best artist.

The Turtle Bay Resort has 12 leagues of walking paths winding along the oceans and through a jungle of wood. Go on a group trip, a sundown or an evenings trip. Adventure lovers will find a lot to do here, from windsurfing and standing paddling to Segway trips and MTB.

Every shaving rice can have up to three flavours, which are available in different flavours. At first this place is hard to find because the trail head is located at the end of a street in a small part of East Oahu. You can be very slick, so climb down carefully, but it's definitely a worthwhile exercise, especially at dawn or dusk.

Isla Tango provides courses for all ability groups, either in class on a week to week or on a drop-in-base. The city of Chiinatown goes back to 1800, when the city was inhabited by Chinaans. To have a funny date, wander around the neighbourhood and browse the trendy shops and fine arts galeries. End the desert in good season for a Hawaii Theatre show featuring shows such as Hawaii' living hero, Hawaii' s own musicals and more.

If you want a more relaxing way to enjoy the afternoons together, you should treat yourself to a couple's romance at the Moana Lani Spas. We have two suite that have been developed especially for pairs with their own whirlpool and lans. Every room has a wood shell with Alaea Nawaiian seasalt on the doors. Hawaii's scenery is breathtaking, but they are just breathtaking in the outdoors.

In Hawaii Blue Helicopters we offer trips to each of the Hawaii islands, among them two trips to Oahu. The" Blue Sky of Oahu" shows the rainforests, dales, historical places and even the Dole plantation in a 45-minute-trip. And if that isn't enough, try the Complete Iceland trip, which takes an hours and includes all the Oahu Highlands, Wadden Sea Valley and Shore, Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial.

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