Kauai Tours

Cauai Tours

Booking NOW! You will be taken through 23 round-trip routes. Indulge in local snack and drinks that you can indulge in while romping around in a fresh water pools. When used on the Koloa Plantation Tour, our specially designed 4-seater mud bugs are simply..

... The Ohana bow is a fully automated, convenient 4" waterfall tour.....

The mud bugs are tailored for you. Experience your adventures through..... Ohana Bow is a fully automated 4-seater sand dunes stroller.

Snorkeling Adventures - Premier Snorkeling with Kauai Z Tourz

Snorkelling in Z Tours is the best snorkelling Kauai has to offer. 2. Snorkelling along the southern shores of Kauai and see our Hawaiian Honu, Turles, Turtle, Turtles.... much to see with less boat trips and more snorkelling. Then, go beyond the beach with a Z Tours Whale and Dolphin Zodiac Boat Adventure Tour!

Bottlenose dolphins and great blue cetaceans can be seen during the cold winters when migrating from Alaska to Hawaii to breed and give birth to their young in our hot tropic water.

Cauai Tours with Guide

See Kauai through the eye of a native personal leader! Take a look at our'Suggestions' tours - everyone can be designed individually for you. Locate lonely falls, secret sandy shores, indigenous market, botanic garden and more on a personal Kauai trip with your own personal guides. If you are spending the night on the southern, eastern or northern coast of the islands, your guides can organise a main gathering point or pick-up point for your exploring itinerary.

Kauai's most scenic area is on the north coast; the Kalalau trail along the coast of Napali should not be missed by enthusiastic walkers. Together with the perspectives of a native, your travel leader will find on your personal Kauai trip the best photos of the best of the Isle. San Juan, United States:

While most states have certifications and trainings, most countries do not need a leader to have a licence. Some of the exemptions include New York City, Washington DC and New Orleans, which requires a licence. Have a look at our special tours! Please do not hesitate to ask our guidebooks your question today.

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