Holland America Alaska Cruise

Netherlands America Alaska Cruise

A Alaska cruise holiday is an experience you will not soon forget. Luxury Alaska cruise holidays from Holland America Line. The Alaska Cruise Tours with Holland America allow you to visit the spectacular coast of our state with a large cruise ship. The love of detail is Holland America's trademark and the onboard decoration includes details such as fresh flowers and art in museum quality. Dutch-American cruises to Alaska offering exclusivity in luxury and style.

Alaska Cruise with Holland America Zuiderdam - Inside Passage, Alaska Traveller Reviews

Vessel: It' not as big as the other cruise liners Princess, Norwegian, Celebrity, which happen to call at the same harbours as us, but there are still many pubs, banks, restaurants, 2 stores, big theater etc... It was still very roomy, very tidy and there was so much to do on the boat that I barely ever remained in the cab anyway, so I was satisfied with this one.

Whenever I got back to the cabins, they were inside and tidied something up - always fast, neat and effective. Eating: There is so much good eating and opportunities on the boat. A possibility is the Lido Restaurant, which serves a very large selection of dishes, Asiatic, Western, mixed salad, deserts, drinks, bistros, etc.

I' ve been reading the review before and said that the meals in the Vista dinning room are too small; I disagree. This review was probably by Americans who are widely used. Dishes in this restaurant are always very well presented, crisp and of good qualitiy. In addition to breakfasts, lunches and dinners, there were tea in the afternoons, high tees, light meals, free 24-hour meals in the room and a 12 o'clock evening snackbar.

You' re looking for a cruise, this boat isn't for you. I advise you to reserve your trips ashore, as the trips through the boat are much more costly. In Ketichkan we went alone and took the free city bus to the to the Dead Sea Memorial and this time through a trip with Holland America we will throw back at least $60.

In Juneau the boat didcked very far from the city, so we had to put up 3 dollars for a shuttleship to get to the city. In Skagway, the boat didck right next to the city, only 3 min on foot, so everyone went on foot. In Ketichkan it was very far (about 20 min walk) and we took the free city bus.

Other cruise liners, Princess and Westerndam, seem to have narrower berthing distances than Zuiderdam. Conclusion: Overall, the cruise was as much fun as my whole group. On Saturday we were so sorry to leave for the last one, we even went back to Canada Place at 5pm to say good-bye to the boat, yes, the cruise went on another 7-day Alaska voyage that same afternoons.

Am I going to take another cruise with Holland America? definitely yes, but not until I am much older.

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