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Whole Hawaii Accommodation

Accommodation in hotels and holiday apartments in Hawaii Bed and Breakfast Inns. PROMOTING AND SUPPORTING THE COMMON INTEREST OF ITS MEMBERS IN THE HOTEL INDUSTRY IN HAWAII. Celebrate a five star travel experience in one of Hawaii'i's famous historic resorts.

Naval Vacation Rentals, Cabins, RV Sites & more -- Navy Gitaways

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Department of Agricultural Development | Hawaii Lodging, Hospitality and Foodservice Expo 2016

HDOA's Market Development Branch presents domestic enterprises at the Hawaii Lodging, Hospitality and Foodservice Expo at the Neal Blaisdell Center on July 13th and 14th. Please see HDOA's stand #160-162-164-164-164-166-168-170. The HDOA stand provides the floor spaces for large scale hospitality and foodservice industry to showcase their and their product to customers.

Further information about the fair and your forthcoming attendance can be obtained from the Market Development Branch at (808) 973-959595.

Accomodation in Kona | Big Island

The holiday capitol of Big Island, Kona has many accommodations for every taste. One of the most costly choices is one of the 5 star resort on the beautiful Kohala seaside just off Kona. For those of you who do not yet know how to plan your stay in Kona, we have one or two tips to help you choose the type of lodging that best meets your needs.

A stay in a Big Island resorta is the most luxury accommodation on the Big Island and relieves you of almost all holiday scheduling tasks. If you want to spend a restful and restful holiday and you don't care to pay for it, we suggest you stay in a holiday centre. Kona Estates offers local luxury such as recreational spas, world-class greens and privately owned swimmers and tenistholes.

Here you can find out more about the 9 resort in and around Kona. Only a few guesthouses on this side of the Big Island. Check out our Kona Youth Homes for the brief (3 in 2017) listing of youth Hostels in Western Hawaii. The majority of Kona properties have the benefit of being in the centre of Kona, i.e. "where the event takes place".

Accommodation is at the same standard as for holiday rental and usually between resorts and B&Bs. Find out more about the higher valued Kona in a number of awards. With over 500 apartments in Kona, you are sure to find a good match to suit your needs.

You can also extend to the coastline just South of Kona if you want to keep away from the hectic pace of the town. B&Bs are a great way to get to know the islands, with an environment more private than that of the resort or hotel.

Southeast of Kona there are some very good possibilities, which give you the adventure "on the coffeefarm " or "on the walnut-garden. More about the Kona B&B.

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