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Please contact the Kauai travel agencies today. Flood travel issues - Kauai Forum Planned to be in Kauai on 22.4. and to remain until 29.4.

, I have followed the heavy floods and devastations on the isle... I am fully conscious that Hanalei and especially the entire northern bank will not be renovated or accessed in a fortnight.

I am trying to choose whether I should reserve another holiday destination or keep my travel itineraries. Well, go to another if you want. Yeah, I have travel cover. If it'?s not necessary, I don?t want to call it off and go to another one. But I do. I' ve seen a web cam in the southern part where the waters didn't look tan.

Especially inquisitive when it gets dark or gets suntanned. Yeah, I have travel reassurance, so it's possible to go to another isle, but I don't want to if I don't have to.

I saw some web cams for the southern part, back then and it was ok at the tim. We' re getting bay waters where streams flow into the sea, so not all of our sands can. I am to be in Kauai on 21/4. I' ve got travel health but I don't want to call it off. We' re at the Kauai Marriott and have fun in the middle of the storm.

We' re spend more swimming in the swimming pools than usual because of the bay waters on the beach, but I'd appreciate it until you're here, some should be good. We' ll be in Lihue in the first weeks of May. Near Lihue. So far, I've only found the northern bank, so I think the southern bank is intact.

We' ll be flying to Kauai on 23.4. and spending two week southwards of Kapa'a. So desolate does the northern bank look and it seems so banal for us to go on holiday while the inhabitants struggle with such a horrible waste and the long sweep. I' m just looking for a little security to keep to our travel arrangements.

The southern bank will be all right.

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