Vanuatu Island Tours

The Vanuatu Island Tours

Around Island Safari is an easy and relaxed way to see the island of Efate, let someone else do the driving while your guides point out everything. United Mystery Island is a small island at the southernmost end of the Vanuatu Archipelago, less than one kilometre from Aneityum Island. The Pele Island Tour is the award-winning best tour in Vanuatu, with beautiful white sandy beaches and coral reefs. Hideaway Tours Relax on a picturesque tropical island beach and enjoy snorkelling or diving in calm, crystal clear waters. Relax for two full days, perhaps with optional tours.

Vanuatu Island Cruise, Vanuatu Tours

This tour will pick you up at your downtown resort and drive you around Efate Island, with your driver/guide giving you an inside look at the city' s past and life style. Soak up the ride past the Pandanus-lined coast, where you will see real South Pacific Melanese towns.

Take a bath and savour the wonderful sandy beach and clear blue water as you cruise around the island. Another high point of the trip is, if the weather allows it, the time-honoured skill of fire hiking. You' ll pass other towns to gain an insight into their lives before having a buffet-style meal in a typical Thai cuisine.

In Vanuatu, after dinner, the remains of the US Armed Services during the Second World War will also be visited. You will have ample opportunity to take a dip in the safety of the tropics during your refreshing break in the noon. Returning to Port Vila, you'll come past Klems Hill Lookout, which offers stunning views of Mele Bay, Hideaway Island and the far-abourhood.

It is an ideal complement to your travel plan for your next vacation in Vanuatu.


It is a full days trip that gives you the opportunity to see some of the most scenic places in Port Vila. Once you have been collected from your accommodation, your kind tourist guides will take you through the island of Efate and give you information and insight into the island's past and everyday lives.

Once you have passed the palm tree plantation, you can bathe in the clear blue water on Efate's most stunning Eton Bay shore. You will be guided past a number of towns to a luncheon bar in a typical regional cuisine.

Afterwards, a trip to other towns where you can live the villagers lives and where you can still find relicts from the Second World War. You will be taken back to your accommodation by your traveler. Duration of the tour: approx. 7½ Duration of the tour: approx. 7. Enjoy an island cruise through Efate!

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