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Thought it would be helpful to compile a list of books, guides and pages that we personally recommend to our guests. Forums are a great resource, especially for Kauai. Kauai offers some of the most spectacular resort and public golf courses in the world. Discover Kauai's best golf courses: Remember to move to Kauai?

Chalet Restaurant

The most sleepy of the major isles, calm and reserved. Whilst it has its touristic highlights (Hanalei is breathtaking, but most visited by visitors), parts of Cauai's mountains and farming landscapes still remain unspoiled, especially in the south such as Waimea, where they also get significantly less precipitation. There' s a major street that is an inverted'C' around Kauai, which means that crossing the archipelago can take a long while - one more excuse to find your favourite spot and shaving, opening a books and not going any further.

There is also a guide to the more luxury Maui, a guide to the more metropolitan Oahu (the north coast is breathtaking, and Honolulu earns a guide in itself), and a guide to the family-friendly Big Iceland, which is the home of every area. Sure, the view from all sides is amazing - one of the best snorkelling spots on the islands is right below - but the scenery is also amazing.

Part of this is because it is in the possession of Peter Merriman, who knows exactly how to tack the sophisticated hairy hair of Hawaii' beaches, but an appropriate part of the recognition goes to head cook Marshall Blanchard, who turns out that seafood-inflected convenience foods are the consummate amount of imagination. One of those places that is always crowded, although you can usually always get a seat (there are also a bunch of perfectly pre-packaged picnics on the beach), this brand-new outdoor cafe - from the same crowd as the Acuda bar.

Because of the chef's intimate association with fishers from the islands and traditional Hawaiian farms, these small dishes are full of Hawaii-inspired dishes made with regionally grown produce such as ono (a kind of jackfish also known as wahoo), auhi-tunapoké, and fried ali'i-fungi. This also means that the choice changes every day and the seasonal ingredient varies.

The curatorial menu offers selected Estate-style specialities, some of which come from vineyards that produce wines in a way that is either certified for sustainability, biological or bio-dynamic agriculture. He was one of the forerunners of the Hawaiian grocery industry - he was at the cutting edge of the effort to cultivate veggies in the area' s vulcanic soil so that they could be freshly ate ( (instead of being on a long trip on a boat).

Today he works with a number of small peasants to cater for his three restuarants, and there is one each on Maui, Kauai and Big Island. Taste the typical regional green cabbage and cabbage salads from our farm, the freshly captured Mahi-Mahi and the vegetable tart. In an open, air-conditioned room with interior and exterior seats, it is ideal for a relaxed dinner with high-quality comforts.

On such a relaxed Kauai it may seem inappropriate to speak Italian, but when you've had enough of the meal on the islands, it's a welcome pause - and it's tasty too. You can also enjoy an egg-centered breakfasts to refuel before a long walk or a relaxing walk on the shore. Located inland Kalaheo-not far from the 4,000-acre coffeefarm, where they specialize in Kauai, Kona and Sichuan coffee-Kalaheo Café is a good option for breakfasts.

To make it easier, try your Anahola muesli or half-papaya with chilled fruits and yoghurt. Don't ignore the coffe, a basic foodstuff of this coffeehouse brewery: The picturesque and cosy cabin is a great place for lunching with open-air seats for spotted shellfish dried au gratin poker wrap, Mahi-Mahi taco, and some very interesting non-fish products such as seafood Asparagus.

From Kauai's Noord Shore, before Princeville and Hanalei, and just past Kilauea, look for the tabernacle on the side of the Muka (mountain) side of the Kuhio Highway (between miles 23 and 24 as you head north). Since 1986, this old-fashioned stall has specialised in selling delicious freshly baked delicacies such as breathoya, Rambutano and star shaped berries as well as classical tropic berries such as bananas (various varieties), Kauai red berries, raspberry papayas and mangos.

There are so many good cold-pressed juice and kauai tea in this Kauai store, which has sites in Kappa and Kilauea. The majority of their beverages are made from locally produced biological products, and they are all packaged in jars that you can give back to Kauai Juice Co. for recycling and for a reimbursement.

A part of the revenue goes to Hawai'i SEED, a non-profit organization that helps support community growers, responsible farming and GMO labelling and information laws. You will stop here on the way to Ke'e Strand (sometimes also known as the end of the road/world). Here everything is gluten-free (including the soya sauce ), made from domestic seafood and using bio-veggies.

Whilst you will certainly find bigger groceries in Kauai, you will not find anything like the same health-oriented offer, from biological and domestic products to biodynamics. There is also a bar where you can buy juices, sandwhiches, smoothies and salad, among them very good eggs and cheesesandwiches, and gluten-free-crêpes.

This is a serious matter: Besides the famous Kona from Big Island, Java Kai also makes Maui, Kauai and Molokai coffees. You will also be serving breakfasts and lunches until 3pm, but the store can be very bustling, especially in the morning, so that ordering on-line or by telephone can help saving your inconvenience.

Or, if you are drinking a cup of tea, try the smaller baristra square, the Kai Bar, located in the back of the house next to Kauai Juice Co. and normally open until 11am. Since 1983, it has been operating on the Kuhio Highway. In Hanalei, it has long been a permanent fixture.

Recently it has taken a new turn among the new proprietors - the locals Jesse Merle Jones and Aamion Goodwin - who have dispensed with synthetic flavoured syrup and powder but are still producing really delicious, invigorating shaving pops. It is also an excellent place to get an acrylic dish and a cuppa.

Altogether it is best to take a midday rest on the shore after lunch, as compared to a walk. Many shaving stalls exist on the island, and so it only makes good reason that many promote the artificial genre and do without high levels of fruitose in order to become clean and sane.

In The Fresh Shave, they use bio-elements and interesting combination like Chii-Tee, Kauai Coldbrew coffees and Kauai Chiasamène. Feeding only Kauai grassy veal, they make a million different flavours (plus an auhi burgers and a vegetarian version) with the right beers.

It is a good option for a large group postal beachside, and children are into it, too. In a former Lawai glassworks is this cute village centre with grocery cars and stalls such as Root in Culture (healthy convenience food), Chipwrecked (Hawaiian nachos), The Fresh Shaving Sun (shaving ice) and Dark Roost Coffee.

There' s also a bunch of cosy shops selling everything from shell jewellery to swimsuits and stationary. Happened in traditional Japonese fashion (the proprietor of Shave Tege Tege Shave Tege bring his handgrip icemaker from Japan when he settled in Kauai), this beloved booth is directly opposite the major Kapaa bath.

It is located in the same car park as Al Pastor Tacos, making it a great place to stop for a fast noon. You will find the original combination for which they are known today, such as an almond boy (Nutella, coir milks, almond, flaked coconuts) and lava flow, which contains purée strawberries, foamed coir and apple sap.

The relatively new addition to the group behind Hanalei Bread Company and Bar Acuda focuses on frame and ceviche-like fishing recipes that strangely fill a gap on the isle. The old fashioned frame store has been a Kauai stand-by store for over 70 years (also known for liikoi cakes).

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