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When you haven't been to Kauai, you've never seen one of the best tropical destinations in the world. Includes a brief overview of Kauai, Hawaii with information about Kauai's location, landscape, history and people. The lush green lands and bright blue-green waters of Kauai, Hawaii, attract many people. For active travellers who want to extend their beach time with outdoor activities such as hiking and kayaking, visit Kauai. The flights reach Kauai's main airport, Lihue Airport (LIH) in the southeast of Lihue.

More about Kauai

Kauai, also known as Garden Isle, is the Isle of Hawaii, which is appreciated for its luxuriant green tropics and glittering sandybeach. Not only do the people who visit the islands admire the postcards' perfection, but also the variety of culture, activity, shopping and restaurants. Green rain forests, stunning greens, lively landscapes, serene faces, beautiful breeze and stunning falls are just some of Kauai's sensational attractions for you.

To explore Kauai means to unveil mysteries that are more than five million years old, the world's greatest wonder of nature and an isle that shows that some things get better with time. Wander along the shores where the sea connects the coast in a celestial game, see child-like reverence as a dolphin and whale float in their native habitats, and see the panorama views of Cauai's stunning views from a first-class lookout point in your heli.

Holidays to Kauai are time of life experiences that you want to part -- with the unique distinction as the one journey you take that your boyfriends want to listen all about (and with more than one hue of envy). The atmosphere of Mother Nature determines the whole range for Kauai's happy visitors.

But where else in the whole wide oceans can you find an isle that offers its visitors everything: gentle, fresh cool on a hill, short, foggy rainstorms, dry deserts and the always laughing heat of salt and sands? The Kauai is located in the middle of the bright turquoise water of the Pacific Ocean, about 20 flight-minute flight from Honolulu.

The Kauai is the oldest and most northern of the major isles of Hawaii. Kauai's glamour was the scene for Hollywood films such as South Pacific, Jurassic Park and Fantasy Island. The overall area is 549 square mile - 33 mile long and 25 mile broad with 90 mile byways. Kauai comprises the Kaua'i, Ni'ihau and the uninhabitated Lehua and Ka'ula islets.

Kaua'i is known as the "Garden Island" and has an area of 552.3 sqm. Ni'ihau is a private property and is sometimes referred to as the "Forbidden Island". Kauai is moderately warm all year round with mean temperature between 70° and 81°F. These are some of the most beautiful sights on the island:

The Kauai is one of the most beautifull island in the world. Picturesque cities, a varied scenery and glittering sea breezes welcome all types of people. Be it a funny outing, a tropic holiday, a holiday of relaxation or a journey for two, Kauai has the best for you.

You' re going to be falling in Love with our Isle and we' re sure to see you again and again. Welcome and explore the fascination of Kauai.

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