Kauai Attractions

Cauai attractions

Pages in category "Tourist Attractions in Kauai County, Hawaii". In Kauai, visit the Kauai Museum, Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge, Waioli Mission House Museum and Kilohana Plantation. These are some of the top attractions Julie and I personally visited on Kauai Island. Kauai Island is an exotic escape with a great variety of landscapes and natural beauties. Kauai has so many tourist attractions that sometimes it can be difficult to make the right choice.

Cauai attractions

Let Kauai inspire you! Explore breathtaking falls, explore some of Hawaii's best walks or snorkelling and observe amazing sea creatures, the Garden Isle is the place for outings. For those with more intellectual interests, a stop in the artistic city of Hanapepe or a visit to the Grove Farm Sugar Plantation Museum in Lihue - a treasury of Kauai culture.

This is a great deal of exploration, so get prepared to unwind on a sandy beach..... have we mentioned that Kauai has some of the best ones in the game? Explore our hand-picked Kauai attractions; whether on the ground, on the water or in the sky, we know you will find your ultimate experience! At Kauai, we believe that selecting and reserving a Kauai experience should be enjoyable and simple.

That is why we have selected only the very best Kauai routes and activites for you. Prepared for some of the best walks in the city? There is something for everyone at Kauai.... take a look at what makes the Garden Isle so unique. Start to plan your journey to Mt. J ourney to Mt..... Our FREE holiday & travel package for you!

Best Kauai Attractions and Aktivities

This is what makes Kaua`i so special - the attractions there are not only crazy sculptures and plates - it is the work of Mother Nature at its best. Whatever you are, we know how difficult it can be to prioritise attractions if you're not sure what's great and what isn't so great.

Visit all the attractions of Kaua`i and give your own tips on what to see and do. If you want to travel back in history, you should definitely visit Kilohana Plantation. The Kuiilau Ridge Trail offers the hiker in the whole familiy a relaxing and lonely days high above Kapa`a, with unparalleled outlooks.

But you won't want to miss the chance to take enough pictures and take enough pictures to see every single one. Everybody likes a cascade, but the Wailua falls are an astonishing adventure no matter what. High above the street in Wailua, the dual cases blow your eyes with the peaceful rustle of the waters that fall into a beautiful under it.

Hidden in the Limahuli valley of the northern coast of Kauai, this magnificent, unspoilt nature reserve aims to protect Hawaii's indigenous flora and fauna and conserve the country's lush vegetation and lush population. The 17 hectares of land are marked with a plant for the construction of the visitor, and the plant used by the locals for nutrition, medicines and accommodation (such as sugar cane, taco and the like) is indicated.

Situated along the Wailua River, this 30-hectare facility will introduce the visitor to the Hawaiian wildlife and more alien plants. There is a kilometre-long path that leads through well-kept terrain and offers people the opportunity to see the well-kept countryside and a number of ethnical towns representing the culture of the different immigrant communities of the Cauai. Every Friday evening a meeting of craftsmen and lovers of hand-made products takes place in the small city Hanapepe on the western side - the arts and crafts centre of the isle.

This historical city consists mainly of all kinds of artisans, jewellers, painter, photographer and much more, who party every Friday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Every Friday you will find a crowd of artisans, as well as galeries and other stores, whose gates are open and which invite you to rummage, socialise and savour living and performing their work.

Arts Day is a great opportunity for everyone to get together, get to know new people, see local arts and spend a nice evening in the city, although it is a small city where everyone knows each other's names. The Kunstnacht can be experienced with a little disguise or directly from the sea.

In the place of an old traditional village in Hawaii, this contemporary alternative was built to bring people closer to the island in front of the occident. Situated along the Wailua River, the complex shows (replicated) houses and communal facilities, which include those used by the chieftain and those dedicated to the storage of plant cures.

You can also experience samplings of clothmaking, farming and production of pottery and get information about early religions and interactions. The Lydgate Park offers everything you need for a great outing on the shore - two nature reserves, stunning snorkelling, snow sands, facilities, lifeguards and a fantastic play area for kids.

Snorkelling enthusiasts will spend the rest of their days here. Most of the submarine world pulsates with live and offer vistas of colourful tropic music. A lot of people recognise these twins as those in the opening episode of the TV show "Fantasy Island". Though the waterfalls increase and decrease in appearance according to precipitation, they are always a dignified place.

The Kuilau Ridge is a beautiful walk with great vistas, which is quite soft at first, but has an even gradient that can be a tribrach. Approximately half an hours on the way you come to a pick nick place and this is a great place to have a nice meal.

From here you also have a magnificent look into the valleys and when it is clear you have a great look at Mount Wai`ale`ale`ale`. Drive past the barbecue area for a few moments and you will be recompensed with a walk in the countryside, with magnificent vistas, luxuriant leaves and coastline vistas.

Drive up Kuamo`o Road and you will see the sign on the right. The history of Kauai is kept in the collection of this collection, in detail in artefacts, objects and photos. You can visit the rooms with their many details and discover the cabins on the area.

Here you will also find Kauai's only still and a ceramic store where you can make your own potteries for shipping home.

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