Great Barrier Road

The Great Barrier Road

Rain forest and white sandy beaches on one of Australia's largest coastal roads! All the roads on the Great Barrier are winding, narrow, often unsealed and have no midline. The Great Barrier Reef Drive is one of the most popular road trips, not only in Australia but around the world. It can be started from Whangaparapara Road and Kaiara Bay Road. Great Barrier Reef is a great natural wonder that divers and snorkellers must see at least once in their lives.

The Great Ocean Road - One of Australia's most beautiful rides

Great Ocean Road is a 243-kilometer route along Australia's southeast coastline between the Victorian towns of Torquay and Warrnambool. Constructed between 1919 and 1932 by returning troops, it is the world's greatest monument of military memory to the victims of the Great Patriotic War; it is an important regional touristic landmark, winding through varied countryside along the coastline and offering easy acces to several striking monuments, among them the limestones of the Twelve Apostles, of national importance.

From Torquay, the Great Ocean Road begins formally and continues west for 243 kilometers to Allansford at Warrnambool, the biggest cityside. It is a two-lane (one in each direction) road, most of which has a maximum of 80kph.

Looking the Great Barrier Road - R├╝ckblick auf Escape Discovery Adventures, Melbourne, Australie

Thanks to Paul for the great trip. Paul has worked with me from the beginning to ensure that I have had a great time. These places are wonderful and Paul provided the backdrop and story of all the places we have been. The group was astonishing and Paul assured everyone was lucky.

All in all a great event and very recommendable! The.... the truck is great too! Hi Ray, Thank you for taking the moment to exchange your thoughts with others - it was great to have you on the boat for the whole outing. is a top-notch tourist leader. It'?s a whole full days but it??s a reward.

I have to say that our five-member familys did book this one days Escape Discovery Adventure in June 2017 and we really enjoy the whole voyage. We were greeted by the leader, Mr Paul Anderson, who was a wonderful and likeable one. He radiates great arrogance and professionality in his work. During the whole voyage he gave accurate information about everything that happened on the Grand Ocean cruise and the story of the 12 apostles, paired with vivid images with a hint of his own special aura.

Enjoying Paul's early hours coffee/tea and cookies, we just liked the lunches we had in a lovely cafe on this journey, not to mention the snacks package on the way home. Transport for this journey was very roomy and convenient for my 5-member familys and another 4 passengers (a whole 9 persons), who also took part in this one.

The landscapes were really scenic and astonishing and we had a good photo shoot. Maintain the awesome work Paul ! He was an unbelievable tourist leader, highly instructive and impassioned about everything there is to know about the Great Ocean Road and other areas along the itinerary.

It was also a pleasure for him to provide information about Melbourne etc., which was great!

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